France: Female Cop Killed by Allah Akbar Screamer

Most American media isn’t reporting it, but French police said the stabber was shouting “Allah Akbar.”

CBS News:

French prosecutors opened a terrorism investigation into the fatal stabbing Friday of a French police officer inside her police station near the historic Rambouillet chateau outside Paris. Fellow officers shot and killed the suspected attacker at the scene.

The identity and motive of the assailant were not immediately clear, a national police spokesperson told The Associated Press. The police officer was a 49-year-old administrative employee in the station, the spokesperson said. The victim was the mother of two children aged 13 and 18, AFP reported.

The national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said it had taken over the case and opened an investigation into murder of a person of public authority in relation with a terrorist group. Officials at the prosecutor’s office would not provide further details.

“We are in a state of astoundment,” Karl Olive, vice president of the regional council, said on BFM television.

It is truly astounding.

The reason it is so astounding is that no one could have predicted it.

But why are there female cops?