France: Facebook to Hand Over Data of People Suspected of “Hate Speech” to the Government

Daily Stormer
June 26, 2019

“The so-called anti-extremism legislation allows the state to access and monitor anything its citizens do online. So any comment or meme you share on Facebook, if deemed dangerous, can result in fines and even jail time.”

It’s cute how (((Facebook))) is trying to act like they had to be forced to do this.


Facebook has agreed to hand over the identification data of French users suspected of hate speech on its platform to judges, France’s minister for digital affairs Cedric O said on Tuesday, adding the deal was a world first.

Now that they have the precedent, they’re probably gonna do this with all countries in western Europe within a year.

BTW, that Cedric O guy is half-Korean, and the guy before him was a faggot sandnigger, because the actual French don’t know how to use computers for some reason.

The move by the world’s biggest social media network comes after successive meetings between Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and French President Emmanuel Macron, who wants to take a leading role globally on the regulation of hate speech and the spread of false information online.

A reminder that “hate speech” is anything Shlomo decides it is, including saying that men aren’t women.

There’s no such thing as “misgendering,” but they’ll still arrest you for it. And they’d send you to a compassionate gulag if they could.

So far, Facebook has cooperated with French justice on matters related to terrorist attacks and violent acts by transferring the IP addresses and other identification data of suspected individuals to French judges who formally demanded it.

Following a meeting between Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of global affairs, and O last week, the social media company has extended this cooperation to hate speech.

“This is huge news, it means that the judicial process will be able to run normally,” O, a former top adviser to Macron, told Reuters in an interview. “It’s really very important, they’re only doing it for France.”

Arresting French people for saying they don’t want their country to be invaded is “for France,” says a gook subverting France on behalf of the Jews.

The discussions started off with a Zuckerberg-Macron meeting last year, followed by a report on tech regulation last month that Facebook’s founder considered could be a blueprint for wider EU regulation.

Facebook had refrained from handing over identification data of people suspected of hate speech because it was not compelled to do so under U.S.-French legal conventions and because it was worried countries without an independent judiciary could abuse it.

France’s parliament, where Macron’s ruling party has a comfortable majority, is debating legislation that would give the new regulator the power to fine tech companies up to 4% of their global revenue if they don’t do enough to remove hateful content from their network.

Those fines are not for Facebook and the other big ones, those are Jewish companies fully on board with the Jewish agenda, even though they sometimes fake it for PR reasons.

These are most likely gonna be used to shut down or block smaller sites that aren’t under Jewish control (or at least, not as under control as the Jews would like).

If you’re not already using Tor, I suggest you learn.

It might save you from going to prison one day.