France Enters New Month-Long Lockdown to Combat Mutant Third Wave

If you think the Third Wave is bad, you don’t even want to see the Fourth Wave.

I know about the Fourth Wave because I read Klaus Schwab’s book: The Fourth Industrial Coronavirus Wave.

The Guardian:

The French government has imposed a month-long lockdown on Paris and parts of northern France after a faltering vaccine rollout and spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants forced the president, Emmanuel Macron, to shift course.

Since late January, when he defied the calls of scientists and some in his government to lock down the country, Macron has said he would do whatever was needed to keep the euro zone’s second-largest economy as open as possible. However, this week he ran out of options just as France and other European countries briefly suspended use of the Oxford/AstraZenca vaccine.

See, it’s just politicians making decisions.

Macron said “no new lockdown,” but the deadly new strains forced his hand.

Bodies were piling up in the streets.

Wait, no – there were no bodies piling up in the streets.

It was about charts and graphs.

There were new charts and graphs, released by science itself, and he was forced to bend to the will of science.

The prime minister, Jean Castex, said on Thursday that France was in the grip of a third wave, with the virulent variant first detected in Britain now accounting for about 75% of cases. Intensive care wards are under severe strain, notably in Paris where the incidence rate surpasses 400 infections in every 100,000 inhabitants. “The epidemic is getting worse. Our responsibility now is to not let it escape our control,” Castex told a news conference.

France reported 35,000 new cases on Thursday and there were more Covid patients in intensive care in Paris than at the peak of the second wave. “Four weeks, the time required for the measures to generate a sufficient impact. [It is] the time we need to reach a threshold in the vaccination of the most vulnerable,” Castex said.

The lockdowns will start from Friday at midnight in France’s 16 hardest-hit departments that, with the exception of one on the Mediterranean, form a corridor from Calais to the capital. Barbers, clothing stores and furniture shops will have to close, though bookstores and other shops selling essential goods can stay open.

Schools will stay open and people will be allowed to exercise outdoors within a 10km (6.2 miles) radius of their homes. Travel out of the worst-hit areas will not permitted without a compelling reason. “Go outdoors, but not to party with friends,” the prime minister said.

Science graphs have determined that the virus is afraid of book stores, as well as grocery stores. But it thrives in an outrageous fashion in barber shops and furniture stores.

We have to follow the science.

The science has determined that locking everyone in their houses and destroying small businesses is the only way to stem the tide of the virus. We have to stop the positive tests, or… well, we can’t even speak of what will happen if we don’t stop getting positive tests using the totally scientific PCR testing.

It is a future so dark that science won’t even explain it to us, for fear that we might lose our minds.

The last thing we need is for everyone to go completely insane.