France Deploys Coronavirus Regime Police to Guadalupe to Crush Anti-Vaccine Protests

Previously: France Imposes Curfew on Black Island of Guadeloupe Due to Anti-Vaxer Riots

So this is white cops being sent to an island of black people to force a political agenda on them.

Isn’t that supposed to be the single most evil situation ever in all of human history?

The Guardian:

French authorities have dispatched police reinforcements to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe after a week of violent protests over coronavirus restrictions.

Islanders are angry after Paris announced that health workers across all French territories must have Covid vaccinations. This sparked demonstrations that degenerated into the torching and looting of shops and pharmacies and clashes with police.

There were reports that rioters had broken into an arms depot in the island’s coastal capital, Pointe-à-Pitre, and stolen rifles. “We just don’t know how far this will still go,” the city’s mayor, Harry Durimel, told FranceInfo radio.

Island authorities have imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew until Tuesday morning. On Monday police said they had arrested 38 people caught looting and smashing shops, and had begun dismantling road barricades set up by protesters.

Col Jean Pierre, of the gendarmerie at Pointe-à-Pitre, said protesters had fired on security forces and firefighters, and blamed the worst incidences on “organised gangs”.

Emmanuel Macron described the situation in Guadeloupe as “very explosive” and called for calm on the island.

The French president said the authorities had his full solidarity and urged people not to fall for the “lies and manipulation” of what he described as a “very small minority”.

You cannot use the health of the French people to drive political battles,” Macron said during a visit to Amiens in northern France. “Public order must be maintained.”

He added: “There’s a situation that is very explosive, which is linked to a very local context and to tensions we know of and that are historic as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety. The government is mobilised.”

According to government figures, just under 90% of the adult population of France – including the overseas territories – has been fully vaccinated. However, only 40.3% of adults on Guadeloupe have had the vaccine. In Martinique the figure is 41%.

Do you see how these people just say whatever they need to say to press their agenda?

They obviously don’t actually care about black autonomy. This is literally a black island, where I think any “racist” would say that blacks should be able to have self-determination and make their own decisions about what they do with their lives.

But France is sending police in to force them to bend to the will of whitey.

The blacks that are resisting this vax agenda are even doing the black power fist, claiming they have a right to make their own decisions.

This obviously proves that every single argument they make about “black lives” and “white privilege” are just fake, and only designed to hurt white people.