France: Cripple-Man Given Mecha Suit, Will No Doubt Launch Rampage Soon!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2019

I think that the last thing we should be doing now is giving cripples and retards mech-suits and cyborg augmentations to make them stronger than we are.

France especially. France has enough problems to deal with already.

This seems like a recipe for a dystopian disaster. 

The truth of the matter is that cripples harbor resentment against non-cripples. On some level, I sympathize with them, but I know that they do not share that sentiment with me and that it is only a matter of time before a clever Jew comes along and informs these newly-created supermen that they have been oppressed by people like me and that the time has come to use their mech suits and cyborg tech to rebel against non-cripples.

We cannot let them get their hands on this technology!

The Guardian:

A French man paralysed in a nightclub accident has walked again thanks to a brain-controlled exoskeleton, providing hope to tetraplegics seeking to regain movement.

The patient trained for months, harnessing his brain signals to control a computer-simulated avatar to perform basic movements before using the robot device to walk. Scientists described the trial results as a breakthrough.

We are witnessing the birth of a real-life French Professor Xavier here, folks.

In the comics, at some point, the supposedly smart cripple realizes that he can just use the powers of his mind on more than just moving entire buildings and fighting other mutant baddies.

He just decides to get up and walk one day, using his mind to control his paralyzed body like a puppetmaster would a doll on strings.

Shortly after getting out of his chair and willing himself to no longer be a cripple, Professor Xavier gets embroiled in an all-out mutant war against regular humans. I do not think that it is much of a stretch in imagination to see this French man doing the same thing eventually.

Doctors who conducted the trial said though the device was years away from being publicly available, it had the potential to improve patients’ quality of life and autonomy.

The patient, identified only as Thibault, 28, from Lyon, said the technology had given him a new lease of life. Four years ago his life was permanently changed when he fell 40ft (12 metres) from a balcony, severing his spinal cord and leaving him paralysed from the shoulders down.

“A new lease on life,” eh?

That sounds like the line that literally every single supervillain says after they’ve had that one transformative moment that shapes their character and sets them on a collision course with the hero of the story (although only this Agent Smith Matrix scene comes to mind).

I realize that I am mixing genres, but we’re going to have to cross-reference all pop-culture movies, comics and books to make any sense of the future we are hurtling towards.

Key phrases that should set off red flags in your mind:

  • “I am a new man.”
  • “I have a new lease on life.”
  • “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”
  • “I used to think my life was a tragedy, now I realize my life was a comedy.”

Furthermore, we have all learned firsthand from the Hotwheels Saga that cripples simply cannot be trusted.

And it is only a matter of time before the Jews figure out a way to weaponize them against us as well.

I feel that I would be remiss if I did not alert you to the rapid emergence of this new threat to our society.

Be on your guard. 

They seem defenseless and harmless now, but just wait until the Jews start giving them mech suits using YOUR tax money and unleashing them on the population.