France: Country Alarmed as Women Going Topless on the Beach Reaches Record Lows

I can’t tell if “Go Topless Day” is the same thing as “World Topless Day.” There’s too many “days” to celebrate every day, so I keep getting confused.

In my personal opinion, Islam is right about women, and we need some kind of Taliban-like system in France.

Sputnik News:

France is seeing a dramatic decline in the number of women sunbathing topless over health concerns, fear of sexual harassment, and being photographed, Le Parisien reports citing a new poll.

The survey, conducted by Ifop to mark World Topless Day, revealed that only 19 percent of French women are now willing to ditch their bras while soaking up the rays, down from 34 percent in 2009 and 40 percent in 1984.

It marks a 40-year low in French women’s tendency to bare it all when the sun is out.

Most women who took part of the survey explained their unwillingness to expose their breasts (53 percent) because they want to protect their health, and flagged diseases like skin cancer. But among respondents under 25, most were more concerned about security: 48 percent said they didn’t want to be attacked or harassed by men while sunbathing topless, while 46 percent noted that they were worried about being secretly photographed naked.

Ifop’s 2020 survey among 5,000 Europeans revealed that less than 20 percent of French women under 50 preferred sunbathing topless in comparison to 43 percent back in 1984.

The boomer position is of course that topless sluts are our values and Islam is infringing us.

But you have to wonder how exactly we are supposed to defend our civilization based on the principle that we want to be sexually dominated by women. Like, that’s where we draw the line and define our culture, and we fight against those who don’t think we should be sexually dominated by women – even while being dominated by women means that our countries are flooded with men who think we are weak for allowing our society to be dominated by women, and therefore harass our liberated women on the beaches, thereby infringing their liberation.

It seems to me that we should take a step back from this, maybe give it some time to stew, see if we can’t find a new angle here.