France: Cops Notice Woman is Breathing as She’s Being Buried After Doctor Declared Her Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2017

I guarantee you this was not a white male who made this mistake. It was either a woman or a brown person. Because white men don’t have access to affirmative action programs, they actually have to be competent in order to become doctors.


Two eagle-eyed police officers prevented a woman in France from being buried alive after she was mistakenly declared dead by a doctor following a heart attack.

The woman in question, a 49-year-old Paris resident, collapsed after suffering cardiac arrest at her home in the 13th arrondissement of the city last week.

After emergency services rushed to the scene, a doctor is said to have officially declared the woman dead after reportedly finding no signs of life within the stricken victim, according to Le Parisien.

However, the 49-year-old mother is actually alive thanks to two police officers and possibly divine intervention as well, following a doctor’s very nearly grave error.

The police officers, who have not been named, reportedly lifted a sheet covering the ‘corpse’ at the scene and were shocked to see “movements” in the woman’s stomach, as well as detecting a pulse.

The woman was quickly transferred for treatment to a local hospital where she remains under observation.

Affirmative action is a big fun time feel good happy happy joy joy.

Until you go beyond ordering “social science” colleges to give colored people fake degrees in African studies and start ordering medical schools to give them fake medical degrees and then send them to work at real hospitals.

Then people start getting buried alive, and the good feelings don’t feel so good.

As soon as the system decided that “racial discrimination” was illegal, Western society began a death spiral into oblivion. Because actual “racism” in the sense that Jews present the concept – that white people have an irrational hatred for variant skin colors – does not exist and never existed. This alleged “racial discrimination” which took place before these laws existed was in fact simply meritocracy. Sure, group generalizations were made by employers and universities, but these group generalizations were based on the reality that racial groups have general behavior patterns.

Making it illegal to deny employment or university enrollment to colored people did not make any measurable change to the numbers of colored people being hired for traditionally white jobs or being accepted into traditionally white universities.

So then you had to invent the concept of an invisible racist conspiracy by whites to hold down nonwhites – a conspiracy which was actually making nonwhites less functional, apparently by hurting their feelings – and the only solution to this was to force employers and universities to accept them, which required the lowering of standards as low as they needed to be.

Hence, women getting buried alive.

As more and more whites are replaced in traditionally white professions by nonwhites who have been given fake degrees by real universities by order of the government, all of our systems are going to break down.

This simply is not sustainable.

But then, it isn’t supposed to be.