France: Chechen “Refugees” Wage Race War on African “Refugees” in Small Village

There are over 100,000 Chechen refugees in Europe.

And virtually all of them came here after the war was over.

Nobody has ever explained why this is.

Voice of Europe:

Four people were left with injuries on Friday night after a group of 50 Chechens armed with sticks, bats, and iron bars stormed the migrant reception center in Barberey-Saint-Sulpice, France.

The old Fast Hotel, now a facility which houses migrants and asylum seekers, became a “war scene” after 50 Chechens rushed in to confront and “kill” African rivals living at facility, according to testimony given by a security guard and former soldier who works at the establishment.

See how beneficial diversity is?

Literally nobody on the planet ever heard of this crappy little commune before, probably not even the people who live there.

But thanks to diversity, they’re in the news now.

Apparently, while the blows were being exchanged between the Chechens and Africans, Philippe and his colleagues attempted to hide one the men who the intruders had been looking for, French regional newspaper L’Est Éclair reports.

As the Chechens were leaving the facility, one of them stopped and struck Philippe over the head with an iron bar, injuring him seriously but not causing him to lose consciousness.

“He told me that I should be on their side and not on that of the Africans,” Philippe recounted.

Shortly after, gendarmes arrived and the situation’s intensity began to subside. At the end of the ordeal, four victims were identified: two security guards and two African residents who had been living at the facility. Only three of the Chechen home invaders were arrested while the rest managed to flee the scene before police arrived.

Since the attack, the reception center has been emptied and the migrants have been relocated to another site which is regularly monitored by police. The investigation is ongoing.

And still, there is absolutely no explanation why either of these people have to have a race war in France.

And no explanation will ever be given.

Of course, if you’re not a moron, you can more or less figure it out yourself…