France: Bus Driver Beat Up for Telling People to Wear Masks, Now Brain Dead

People are really mad about these masks, and I think for good reason. It’s incredibly invasive to demand that you wear a piece of cloth over your mouth. It’s made that much worse by the fact that no one is really bothering to try to explain how this is a temporary measure, and the general sentiment is that people will have to wear these masks indefinitely.

Forced masks are an attack on bodily autonomy, and you’re going to get violent mobs as a result. That’s just life.

Daily Mail:

A bus driver in France was declared brain dead today after being attacked by several people he refused to let aboard because they were not wearing masks.

The alleged attackers tried to board a bus in Bayonne last night without tickets or masks, which are mandatory on public transport across France.

When the driver, in his 50s, tried to prevent their entry he was repeatedly punched in an assault that left him with a serious head injury.

A police source in Bayonne, near the Atlantic resort of Biarritz in southwestern France, said one person was in custody and other suspects were being sought.

I don’t blame the angry mob for this asshole being brain dead. The people I blame are the people who created the angry mob, which are the people who created the mask rules.

The art of government can easily be described as the art of preventing angry mobs from rising up. That is your core goal as a member of the government. If your policies are creating angry mobs, then you’ve done something wrong.

In the US, the race mobs are a result of the government giving too much leeway to the blacks, and letting them get out of hand. It’s a complicated situation, as the mobs are entirely created by the media, and not an organic happening.

The anti-mask mobs, however, are very simple: they are caused by forcing people to wear masks. Furthermore, if it was obvious that we were actually in a pandemic, people would be happy to wear the masks. It is not obvious that we are in a pandemic, and many people believe that the entire thing was a gigantic hoax. As such, a lot of people do not want to wear these masks, and when you try to force them, you risk triggering an angry mob.