France: Bill Introduced to Require Forced Vax of Entire Population by January 1

NIH lab

This is a bill that’s being introduced, not a law that is yet passed.

But this is the direction that every “democracy” country is moving in.

Free West Media:

The Social Affairs Committee of the Senate has introduced a bill that will require mandatory vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2 for all citizens from January 1, 2022. Because the French government has implemented such previous harsh requirements, the drive to become the first country to require vaccination against Covid-19 for all its citizens, could be successful.

The proposed vaccine mandate was introduced by Senator Bernard Jomier on October 4.  Senator Jomier, who introduced the bill, serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices, Social Security Assessment and Control Mission, and an ecologist. The member of the Socialist Party, together with his fellow senators had initially introduced the premise of a nation-wide vaccine mandate to the French Senate on August 31.

He has found a particularly efficient way in which to force through the new legislation for compulsory Covid vaccines, by using a precedent that already requires innoculations against other diseases. Under Article L3111-1 of the Public Health Code, there are currently eleven mandatory vaccines required for French citizens without medical exemptions.

Pushing for government-mandated forced vax seems like a step beyond where we are in most countries right now. Right now, they’re having success through the vax passports, and firing people from their jobs. If they also make it illegal to receive government benefits, then they’ve effectively starved people out, without being forced to admit frankly what they’re doing.

A law that requires forced vax would meet a lot more resistance than slowly introduced policies which eventually make it impossible to live without the vax.

Then, when enough people have submitted, you can make it a law to round up the stragglers.

Either way: the future is not going to be easy for the pureblooded.