France: Bangladeshi Refugee Acquitted of Raping High School Girl

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

Imagine plucking a street-shitting Indian from the slums of Calcutta, infusing him with a love of Allah and then sending him east.

You’ve just imagined a Bangladeshi.

Bangladeshis are some of the most spiritually repulsive creatures on Earth, yet this teen agreed to go home with one.

Then she whined to the authorities that he groped her bobs and vagene.

What next? Bringing home a scorpion and reporting him for stinging your arm?

Voice of Europe:

A refugee from Bangladesh was tried by a French court and was acquitted of the rape of a high school girl. The verdict was handed down yesterday.

The young man also sexually assaulted another young girl. He was charged with both cases but acquitted of the rape.

According to the defense the refugee has ‘different cultural norms’ or ‘cultural codes’ and could have misinterpreted the contact with the girl.

Experts who investigated the man, described him as narcissistic and self-centered and that in the male culture of Bangladesh, his country of origin, “women are relegated to the status of sexual object”.

Both incidents happened near the end of 2015. The accused, aged 18 at the time of rape, went for a walk with a 16-year-old girl who attended the same high school.

He suggested they go his house in Saint-Lô. There, he kissed her, touched her and groped her genitals.

The girl managed to leave the room. She then reported the incident to the Principal of her school who informed police.

In custody, the refugee says that the girl was consenting and the police closed the case. After which the young girl attempts suicide in late 2015 was hospitalised for a week.