France: Armed Cops Arrest British Eurostar Passenger for Wearing the “Wrong Kind of Mask”

The public need to understand that while there are many kinds of masks, only some of them protect against the deadly coronavirus.

The Sun:

Armed French police boarded a London-bound Eurostar after a Brit was accused of wearing “the wrong type of mask”.

The drama saw the unidentified man being arrested and hauled off the train after it made an emergency stop in Lille, northern France.

The incident unfolded soon after Eurostar 9031 left Paris Gare du Nord on time at 1.13pm French time on Thursday.

The man – who is in his 40s and believed to be from Liverpool – was then surrounded by at least eight uniformed officers.

He was left stranded when the train resumed its journey to England.

“I’ve done nothing wrong and respect all Coronavirus rules – this is absolutely outrageous,” he said, as he was led away in front of other stunned passengers.

He added: “I have absolutely no idea what this is all about, except that a Eurostar staff member has taken a very strong dislike to me, and accused me of not wearing the right type of mask.

“Now I’m going to be left alone in France, when all I wanted to do is get home from a work trip.

“This is very cruel treatment. We should all be getting on, not treating each other like this.”

You’re going to be really shocked when you find out the gender of that staff member.

Asked why the man had been forced off the train, one of the Lille police officers confirmed he had been arrested, and said: “We don’t know why, we’ll have to find out.”

The female Eurostar manager – who remained on the train after the man was taken into custody – confirmed she had reported him for wearing the “wrong type of mask”.

I told you you’d be shocked.

Other passengers then complained about the unscheduled, unannounced stop in Lille that caused a delay of some 15 minutes.

“Why is Eurostar stopping its trains, and delaying hundreds of passengers, because of a petty dispute over one man’s mask?” said one.

According to Eurostar the man wasn’t arrested but “refused travel”.

If you think this sounds unreasonable, just wait.

By this time next year, cops will be dragging people from public transport because they’re only wearing four “correct” masks instead of the required twelve.

It’s for everyone’s safety.