France Announces Tax on Big Tech, Trump Rushes in to White Knight for His Sworn Enemies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2019

Donald Trump is white knighting for the tech companies hellbent on destroying him.

Just another silly day in Silly World, where people wear shoes on their heads and hats on their feet and Israel is our greatest ally.


French lawmakers have approved a tax on digital companies that will affect U.S. tech behemoths known in France as “Les GAFA” — Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

The U.S. government is already threatening to retaliate: On Wednesday, President Trump ordered a probe of the French tax. It’s a sign that another trade war like the one between the U.S. and China could be stirring – except that it’s with one of America’s allies, and in this case, it’s U.S. companies that are seen as the tax dodges.

The measure was approved by France’s Senate on Thursday. It will levy a 3% tax on revenue from digital services earned in France by companies that make more than 25 million euros ($28 million) in French revenue and 750 million euros ($844 million) in global revenue. It will be applied retroactively from January 2019.

French officials have been frustrated that digital companies have been able to avoid taxes by establishing their European headquarters in countries such as Ireland and the Netherlands, which offer corporations low tax rates. France says it will roll back its tax if an EU levy takes effect.

“Tech giants have the money,” French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Marie said in December, “and they make big profits thanks to French consumers.” French President Emmanuel Macron has said that “big companies that make a profit in France have to pay taxes there.”

The European Commission calculates that digital businesses pay an effective tax rate of 9.5%, compared with 23.2% paid by traditional companies.

The European Union has been considering imposing a tax on tech giants, but it has struggled to do so, prompting France to pass its own. Other countries – Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic and the U.K. — have signaled they may implement such taxes, too.

“The United States is very concerned that the digital services tax … unfairly targets American companies,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement on Wednesday. “The President has directed that we investigate the effects of this legislation and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce.”

Lighthizer said his office has begun what is called a 301 investigation, the same kind of probe the U.S. used to put tariffs on China.

Officials in France defended the tax as well within its rights.

“France is a sovereign state, it decides sovereignly its fiscal arrangements, and it will continue to make fiscal decisions sovereignly,” Le Maire said Thursday at the Senate.

Just… try to imagine that this is real.

All of these companies are engaged in aggressive active measures to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump, and he is out there arguing for their right to criminally avoid paying taxes.


No one has any fucking idea.


I guess it’s because of… the stock market? 

Meanwhile, global warming skeptics are under the bus.

Julian Assange is under the bus.

Ben Garrison is under the bus.

Tommy Robinson is under the bus.

Alex Jones, The Daily Stormer, Gavin McInnes, MILO, r/The_Donald – under that muthafuckin’ bus, fam.

America, as a country, is under the bus.

By far the stupidest policy of Donald Trump is throwing his supporters under the bus while rushing to the aid of his sworn enemies and defending their rights to engage in international criminal behavior.

“Where’s the bus?”

“Here’s the bus, Mr. President.”

“Throw all of my supporters under that bus, and bring Bezos and Sundar Pichai in here so I can suck their dicks off.”