France and New Zealand to Organize Summit Demanding White People be Banned From the Internet

Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

Tens of thousands of terrorist attacks, murders, rapes, gang-rapes, kidnappings, assaults and suicides have been shared and streamed across social media sites for years without anyone caring.

But one White guy watches Goblin Slayer one too many times, and then tries to save an island of Hobbitses from being invaded, and all of a sudden there’s a problem.

Japan Today:

New Zealand and France will bring together global leaders at a Paris summit next month aimed at stopping social media being used to organize and promote terrorism, the countries’ leaders announced Wednesday.

How about stopping the actual terrorism instead?

There’s a very easy way to do that, BTW – stop flooding your countries with Moslems, and get rid of the Moslems already here.

Even Brenton Tarrant’s attack was the fault of Moslems. He wouldn’t have done it if there were no Moslems in New Zealand.

Political leaders and tech company executives have been called to a meeting — to be co-chaired by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron — in Paris on May 15.

They will be asked to commit to a pledge called the “Christchurch Call” designed to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Keep in mind – the working definition of “terrorist and violent extremist content” is “White people saying they want to exist.”

Ardern said the March 15 terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, in which 50 Muslim worshippers were killed, saw social media used “in an unprecedented way as a tool to promote an act of terrorism and hate”.

The mosque attacks were live-streamed on the internet and showed distressing footage of the gunman firing indiscriminately at men, women and children.

That was not a terrorist attack, those vermin being brought there by Jews was the terrorist attack. This was just some guy defending his people’s land from invaders – an act of Demographic Self-Defense.

And it wasn’t in the least bit distressing, at least if you’re not an invader yourself or a dumb whore.

In Paris, the Elysee presidential palace said the meeting would ensure that “new, concrete measures are taken so that what happened in Christchurch does not happen again”.

If you stop turning your country into an artificial state that will inevitably turn into a parody of the Ottoman Empire, then it won’t happen again.

Israel – the only country in the world where it’s legal to shoot Moslems… And they’re doing it on the Moslems’ land too!

But that’s not gonna happen – because that’s the whole reason Jews and their barren whores are bringing these things into our countries in the first place.

“We all need to act, and that includes social media providers taking more responsibility for the content that is on their platforms, and taking action so that violent extremist content cannot be published and shared,” Ardern said. “It’s critical that technology platforms like Facebook are not perverted as a tool for terrorism, and instead become part of a global solution to countering extremism.”

As much as I hate Facebook, Twitter and all, they don’t cause terrorism.

If you force different people to live around each other, they’re gonna eventually start killing each other, and if you bring Moslems to a place, those Moslems are gonna do terrorism.

It’s been like that for literally the entire existence of our species, and it has nothing to do with social media.

Macron has previously stated his ambition for France to take a leading role in devising new regulatory measures “to reconcile technology with the common good”.

You’d think with all the non-stop riots everywhere in France, the President of that country would have other concerns…

…but you’d be wrong.

Ardern said the joint action was not aimed at curbing freedom of expression but at preventing extremist violence from spreading online.

“I don’t think anyone would argue that the terrorist on March 15 had a right to livestream the murder of 50 people and that is what this call is very specifically focussed on,” she said.

New Zealand has banned both the livestreamed footage of the attack and the manifesto written and released by Brenton Tarrant, who faces 50 murder charges and 39 of attempted murder following the mosque attacks.

I would argue that yes, he did.

Especially since there is literally nothing wrong with anything he did.




And let me tell you – there’s a lot of us who understand he did literally nothing wrong…