France: Amidst Mega-Lockdown, No Freedom, Economic Collapse, Peasants Riot in Support of Islamic Crime

France is totally locked down, all the rights of normal people have been stripped from them, and they’re out there rioting against the police – screaming about how cops shouldn’t enforce laws against Moslem criminals!

Laws that don’t even exist are being enforced unlawfully against the people, and the people are concerned about real laws being enforced against Moslems.

The peasants need leaders. They are so easily confused.


France’s capital has once again seen clashes between protesters and law enforcement as crowds hit the streets of Paris for the fifth weekend in a row, to rally against the government’s proposed security reforms, and more besides.

A packed crowd of people set out from the Place du Châtelet right in the city center, just across the river from the iconic Ile de la Cite, heading towards Place de la Republique in the north east. Hundreds of people joined the march, according to the media. The demonstrators were carrying a large banner that read: “stop freedom-killing laws, stop Islamophobia.”

Large police forces were deployed to the area, as previous, similar rallies in the French capital ended up in riots and violent outbreaks. The police made 24 arrests ahead of the protest, the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, confirmed.

Officers also seized some sharp tools, including screwdrivers and wrenches, from participants who they called “thugs” seeking to infiltrate the protest. Still, tensions quickly rose right after the start of the protest as the police repeatedly sought to disperse the crowd to make arrests and prevent those they called “black-clad rioters” from forming any “groups.”

Videos posted on social media show that such heated exchanges led to standoffs and even violent clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators on several occasions. At some point, protesters also set a scooter on fire and left it in the middle of a street.

The officers were seen beating some demonstrators with batons. One activist beating a drum was seen visibly injured in the head in one such incident.

Closer to the destination, police had to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. The protesters occupied Place de la Republique and were burning flares and smoke pellets and refusing to leave.

By the end of the march, the police had arrested 81 people, Darmanin said, thanking police officers for confronting some “ultra-violent” individuals. The French media reported, citing Interior Ministry sources, that the number of arrests in Paris had surpassed 100.

There are no “Islamophobes.” There are no “racists.” These people are protesting against themselves.

France is not unique.

All over the white world, whites are being brutally oppressed by their governments, unlawfully, without any clear explanation, and they are going out to protest the fact that nonwhites get arrested for committing crimes.

It’s some kind of crowd psychology gone haywire. Their brains know there is something they need to be pushing back against, but they don’t properly identify it. Then the media is there, whining about nonwhites getting their feelings hurt, and the peasants go, “oh… I guess that’s what I’m supposed to be fighting against!”

It’s exactly like an autoimmune response – that’s why your immune system senses a threat, but instead of attacking the threat, it starts attacking itself.

Our collective social immune system is attacking the population.