France: Afghan Gentleman Kills White President of Pro-Immigration Charity

Jean Dussine


Voice of Europe:

French police have arrested an Afghan migrant who is believed to have murdered the president of an association which provides assistance to migrants and asylum seekers.

Jean Dussine, the president of the pro-migrant charity Itinérance, was murdered in his home in Bretteville-en-Saire on Tuesday. Police, after arriving at the scene, were told by witnesses of the attack that the 21-year-old Afghan had overpowered Dussine before ultimately bludgeoning him to death with a metal rod, Ouest France reports.

The suspect, an Afghan asylum seeker who Dussine had let live in his home was promptly arrested. He’s currently in police custody at the Cherbourg gendarmerie, and has been charged with intentional homicide. At present, police do not know what could’ve motivated the migrant to carry out the heinous murder against the man who was kind enough to accommodate him in his own home.

Jean Dussine, aged 63, was a retired teacher and former director of the Gonneville school Manche, a coastal department in Normandy. He had been president of Itinérance since 2016 and housed multiple migrants in his own home.

Volunteers from Itinérance and members of the Sud Education Manche Union have paid tribute to Dussine, saying that he was a “teacher appreciated by all” who will be remembered as a man “with total commitment and complete empathy for the people he helped.”