France: 93-Year-Old Jean-Marie Le Pen Prosecuted for Hate Speech for the Billionth Time

Old white men are too old and racist to ever learn that love trumps hate and that millions of Jews were turned into lampshades in electric shower rooms by Adolf Hitler.

France 24:

The 93-year-old founder of France’s main far-right party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, goes on trial Wednesday over allegations of once again inciting racial hatred, this time with comments targeting a Jewish pop singer.

He already has a string of hate speech convictions that eventually became too much for his daughter Marine Le Pen, who expelled him from the National Front’s leadership in 2015 in a bid to achieve mainstream respectability.

Le Pen senior, however, has continued to relish the outrage prompted by his statements regarding Jews, Muslims, black people and immigrants.

The latest trial stems from a 2014 video on the party’s website in which Le Pen railed against artists who denounced his extremist stances, including Madonna and the French tennis star-turned-singer Yannick Noah.

Asked about the French singer and actor Patrick Bruel, Le Pen referred to his Jewish origins with a pun evoking the Holocaust – “I’m not surprised. Listen, next time we’ll do a whole oven batch!”

The taunt sparked a torrent of indignation including from leaders of his own party, with Marine Le Pen criticising what she called a “political error”.

Jean-Marie claimed the comments carried no anti-Semitic connotations “except for my political enemies or imbeciles”.

He does not intend to appear in person at the trial in Paris, where he is charged with inciting anti-Semitic hatred, according to associates.

“This case is based only on part of a phrase taken out of context,” said his lawyer Frederic Joachim, who will seek to have the charge dismissed.


Old Man Le Pen literally had the solutions to our problems for 60 years, but no one paid attention.

If you have democracy, you cannot also have freedom – the two are totally incompatible.

Now all these kinds of problems he warned about are truly manifest in the form of this virus hoax, so they’re silencing him again because he made fun of a Jew pop star…?

Jean-Marie’s stupid whore daughter is half-wittedly fighting against the virus hoax, and going out to these protests against the vax pass and forced vax.

But the bitch is dumb, and a total failure. Regardless, women can’t lead revolutions.

If Jean-Marie had had a son, all of these problems wouldn’t even exist at all.