France: 9:00 PM Curfew Announced to Shut Down Nighttime Virus Activity

As we told you would happen, every Western country is rolling out the “second wave” measures in full right now. They’re much more extreme than the first wave measures from earlier in the year.

Britain this week announced a long-anticipated color-coded coronavirus alert system, which is certain to be standardized across the West.

Meanwhile, France has introduced a nationwide curfew to prevent nighttime virus activity. Germany is also doing things.

BBC News:

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a night-time curfew in Paris and eight other cities to try to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus.

The measure – from 21:00 to 06:00 – will come into effect from Saturday and last for at least four weeks, Mr Macron said in a televised interview.

A public health emergency has also been declared.

Meanwhile Germany announced that bars and restaurants in higher-risk areas must close early.

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the tightened restrictions on Wednesday as the country recorded more than 5,000 new infections for the first time since April.

On Thursday, that number rose again, with 6,638 cases recorded – the highest daily figure since the start of the pandemic.

Under the new rules, areas where infections exceed 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, bars and restaurants must close their doors by 23:00. Private gatherings will be limited to 10 people from two households.

Across Europe, governments are introducing new restrictions to battle a second wave of infections.

A partial lockdown has come into force in the Netherlands and cafes and restaurants are closing.

What they are referring to as the “second wave” is actually “normal flu season,” obviously.

Different countries are normalizing different bizarre measures. Some of this is A/B testing of how populations respond, but it’s also an attempt to make it look like this is all just governments making their own decisions, when obviously, there is a central body telling these governments to do this, or at least most of them would be doing what Sweden did.

(How and why Sweden resisted is frankly unclear, beyond the fact that their own chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, made recommendations to not follow the proposals of the WHO. That doesn’t explain anything in itself, however, as the usual action in that situation would have been to replace Tegnell with someone who is on-board with the agenda. For whatever reason, they didn’t. I tend to just credit God. Through whatever series of events led to Sweden refusing the lockdown, God gave every person on earth access to the truth, he put it right there, for anyone who wants to know the truth to see. Sweden now has a lower mortality rate than any of their neighbors. There is no way to deny that, and there is no way to deny that what that means is that the solution to this alleged “pandemic” was to go about life normally, without any of these lunatic society-destroying measures implemented by all of these other governments. We also have the example of China now, but that’s less straightforward, as China is claiming that they somehow “beat” the virus, when all they actually did was stop doing testing.)

Some people have criticized me for saying that this coronavirus hoax is the final move of a centuries-long plot to implement a one-world government run by Jews.

And that’s fine. You can criticize me, you can present alternative views. You can present alternative information.

What you can’t claim is that any of this is about public health. Whatever it is that these people are doing, it is to serve some agenda that is totally unrelated to this mild flu virus.

Even if you somehow believed that all world leaders actually believe that the virus is deadly, and don’t know about Sweden, using a curfew to fight a virus is insane, and unrelated to any sort of science. Remember, these are the same people who told us wearing a mask increases your chances of getting infected, before then passing laws that you can face arrest if not wearing a mask.

Frankly, I’m tired of explaining, over and over again, that this virus is the flu. I’ve been doing that for the better part of a year.

What we need to be talking about is where this is all going. They said it was a lockdown until there was a vaccine, but now they’re saying a vaccine is bad and they don’t want a vaccine, or that a vaccine won’t even work.

(The crap that Anthony Fauci gets away with saying it just unbelievable. He’s supposed to be this authority, and he was somehow wrong about literally everything he said. This is the “virus expert” who claimed in the 90s that getting HIV has nothing to do with being gay – here’s the video of him saying it. Not only is he wrong about everything, he also seems to get most or all of his talking points from the New York Times, which is just almost unfathomable. I will never forget when he told Rand Paul that children were getting “Kawasaki Syndrome” from coronavirus, something that turned out to be completely made up after it was published in the New York Times – here, here and here.)

I think what is clear is that the goal is to train you to be a slave. To get you used to having no freedom at all. Also, to transfer all of the wealth currently in the hands of the middle and working classes to a tiny elite minority.

They are lying about all of this, and telling the goyim to be afraid of a virus. On the other side, those who are not afraid of the virus tend to believe the claims of the left and of the government that they are themselves afraid of the virus. Very few people are acknowledging the reality of the situation, primarily, one would assume, because it is extremely daunting.

It was hard for people to admit that it was a hoax in the first place, now it is hard for people to admit the scale of the hoax.

Imagine what is going through the heads of normies: they never even acknowledged before this virus hoax that the world is controlled by a hostile elite minority (because that is anti-Semitic hatred).

Now, it is right out in front of them:

  1. IF: Sweden exists, everyone knows it exists, meaning that anyone who is using these measures is doing it for some reason other than public health
  2. IF: All centers of power are falsely claiming that this is for public health
  3. IF: They are taking your rights away and destroying the economy while transferring the wealth to an elite minority under these false premises
  4. IF: Every country is working together on this agenda
  5. THEN: The entire Western world is controlled by a network of conspirators who are forcing a total transformation of society for some undisclosed purpose
  6. THEN: These conspirators either don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process or are destroying lives on purpose

There is no possible way to deny it now. I mean, there wasn’t before, but now it’s just absurd.

Just understand: the wheels are now in motion. This isn’t going to stop.

We were already in a very bad place as a society, and this has all just made it so very, very much worse. They are rapidly turning our civilization into a dystopian nightmare. It’s frankly confusing why they are doing it so quickly. It’s possible that the whole John Podesta email thing, where they were exposed as using a code to refer to sex with children, really rattled them, and they came up with this virus plan after that.

Remember this, every time they tell you that Pizzagate was debunked: no one has ever attempted to explain what it means to play dominos on cheese or pasta.

(Original WikiLeaks link.)

There are many other emails about cheese, pasta, pizza and other things, which are part of a code that pedophiles have been arrested for using.

But to trim it down: the media needs to explain why the billionaire banker Herbert Sandler of the Sandler Foundation sent John Podesta an email about cheese which ends with a postscript reading: “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

Just a note: Herbert Sandler was also a founder and the largest funder of ProPublica, a group that operates like the SPLC and ADL in pushing for internet censorship.

Frankly, ProPublica is more efficient and better at their job than even the ADL, and much, much better than the SPLC. They were probably the number one organization I would point to as responsible for the censorship I’ve suffered under.

My single hope is that I will be judged by my enemies. When I get to the Pearly Gates, the first thing I’m gonna say is “check out what that Pizzagate banker did to my website.”

Sandler died before he could be asked what he meant by that sentence. But John Podesta is still alive.

Yesterday, I noted that pornography addiction ultimately leads to people wanting to masturbate to images of children. The same thing is true in real life: powerful people have access to all kinds of sex (which is why Christian sexual morality is a thing that applies to the king as well as the peasants). Eventually, they end up on kids. Furthermore, sex with kids is the most useful blackmail, especially in an age when homosexuality is acceptable. (The fact that they are now beginning the process of normalizing pedophilia means that they must not feel that they need that material anymore.)

I think the elite are all a bunch of pedophiles, and they’re scared of peasants really losing it if they were to find out. (This response by the elite to QAnon is really nuts.) So, they’re rushing the plan.

All of this coronavirus stuff was eventually going to be implemented with the global warming hoax. It very much looks like this: they planned to do all of this with global warming over a period of decades, or maybe even an entire century, and then the Pizzagate stuff happened, so they decided to rush it.

I can’t help but think of that one verse in John’s Revelation.

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