France: 1 Dead and Dozens Injured as Over 100k People Protest… Fuel Prices

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2018

Firstly, let me just say: the death was exactly like that in Charlottesville: a female driver panicked when she saw the mob of protesters and hit the gas.

And no one is accusing the driver of being a high-gas-price-sympathizing terrorist. Interestingly enough.

With that out of the way:

Every time I see mass protests about some shit that doesn’t matter I’m like “EYYYYY, COME HERE – You gonna protest this?”

There are not any protests about IMMIGRATION.

Or even faggots or women or any of the other BASIC CORE SOCIAL PROBLEMS.

Even after terrorist attacks, no one will protest Islam. They do “vigils” and “pray.”


At least one person has died and almost 50 others have been injured as around 124,000 people protested against soaring fuel prices throughout France. Police used tear gas to stop demonstrators on the Champs-Elysees.

Starting from the early hours of Saturday, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities to express their discontent with the policies of President Emmanuel Macron and the French government’s recent decision to raise fuel prices through additional taxes. Protesters blocked roads across France, disrupting traffic in many areas as well as blocking access to gas stations.

Most of them are wearing yellow vests – the symbol of a popular movement and umbrella organization behind the protests.

Police also cordoned off some roads to prevent more protesters from joining the blockades in Paris and elsewhere, RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij said. People, however, kept coming. “Gasoline prices never stop rising. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Macron and his buddies just let… things go from bad to worse,” one protester told RT.

One protester died in a road accident in Pont-de-Beauvoisin in the southeastern region of Savoie when a panicked female driver ran over a woman after protesters surrounded her car and starting banging on the hood. Two more people were hit by a car and one of them suffered serious injuries in the northern city of Arras and were taken to the hospital, according to local media.

Nobody likes high gas prices.

But look: that’s a small percentage of your living expenses, it’s a small percentage of the total economic expenses.

Imagine you got rid of all of these immigrants living in France on welfare – that would be hundreds of times the money saved of whatever this gas price increase is.


Why are you protesting gas prices?

Who are you protesting against?


The government generally has a standard taxation policy on fuel, so the reason that gasoline prices change is due to global economic factors, in this case those factors would relate to Saudi Arabia.

Maybe they should be protesting for a regime change in Saudi?

That would at least be funny.

This is just dumb.

The French and Europeans are always doing these massive protests, but I have never seen any single one that was about any single thing that actually mattered.

I guess the pension protests mattered more than gas prices.

But again: get the immigrants out and the economy stabilizes to the point where you’re not worried about pensions.

France is an Islamic shithole.

The country is over 20% nonwhite and all of those people are sucking money out of the economy in more ways than one.

Get your shit together, France.