Fox News: “We Must Increase Immigration or Risk an Economic Disaster”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

Liberty Vittert

Fox News published an opinion piece from Liberty Vittert, who’s described as “a visiting assistant professor in statistics at Washington University in St. Louis, MO and an ambassador for the Royal Statistical Society,” saying that the 800,000 legal immigrants coming to America every year are not enough, and that the numbers must increase radically for the economy not to suffer.

Sound familiar?

Fox News:

We have unprecedented levels of low unemployment in America. It could even be said that we really have too many jobs and not enough people to fill them. While this currently isn’t a problem, it will soon have devastating impacts on our nation’s economic stability, and the only answer is to increase immigration to America.

In the past 60 years, the birthrate in the United States has decreased by over 50 percent and is only falling faster. This is not by design.

There are multiple factors contributing to this trend: people are getting married later and having kids later in life, women are focusing on their careers more than ever before, and contraception has become more effective.

All of these causes make one thing clear: the declining birthrate shows no sign of stopping.

We should care about this because the children of today are tomorrow’s workforce and just as importantly, they are tomorrow’s taxpayers.

Okay, first of all, stating that the birthrates declining “is not by design” is just weird. Why did she feel the need to state that? Do you remember any other instance of mainstream media reassuring the problems with birthrates are “not by design”?

It is obvious that the “white genocide” narrative has seeped into the mainstream to the point where shills now need to nb4 it.

She then goes on to show some boring numbers that show that given the current state of America, there won’t be enough people to pay taxes.

If the birthrate continues to decline and we don’t see an increase in immigration, we have a real problem. America won’t be able to sustain basic government programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Are the numbers making it clear? We simply won’t have enough people to pay taxes.

Right now, legal immigration stands at 800,000 people per year. If it stays at that level, we’ll add eight million foreign-born workers over the next ten years. Couple that number with the 35 million new American-born workers, and we won’t even come close to paying our bills or filling our jobs.

We must increase immigration or risk an economic disaster.

There you have it. There are no other solutions. There are no alternatives.

It’s either getting replaced by foreign workers or having an economic collapse.

You can’t do any of the following things:

  • Stop spending money on other less useful stuff and use that money for social security
  • Stop sending money to Israel
  • Stop sending “aid” money everywhere
  • Think of a cheaper alternative to Medicare and social security
  • Focus on increasing the birthrates so actual Americans make more actual Americans so America continues to be American
  • Change the system
  • Anything else

See, according to this Liberty womb, the American economy will be exactly the same in 10 years or more, so you have to have workers working it. But we know this won’t be the case.

Robots are coming.

They really are coming, and they’ll put down anyone who didn’t prepare for their arrival.

Everything is getting automated. Even judges will be replaced by robots.

And the robots will “pay the taxes.” It’s so obvious that if you’re not going to nationalize companies that automate their workforces and provides no jobs, you have to tax them extremely heavily. Otherwise, a company that provides no jobs is just a parasite on society, feeding off of it.

Which is what all of these brown people that they’re flooding America with in the name of paying taxes are going to be in a few years. 

These “economy first” persons disguise themselves as forward-thinkers to hide the fact that what they’re really after is a short-term patch for them to continue living the boomer lifestyle at the expense of future generations.

Do you think someone talking about importing tens of millions of workers every year cares about the current or future American people?

They only care about their pockets.

It’s about their current lifestyle. It’s about the now at the expense of the tomorrow.

They’d sell the soul of America for just a couple more years of cheap food and car prices.

Don’t let them.