Fox News: The Five Talks About the Thug (Jerk) Who Smashed Up the Christmas Parade

Fox News has been getting more and more “based” as a result of the escalation of the Jewish leftist narrative.

Discussing the weekend debacle featuring a Jerky Thug (what is known to common folks as a “spook” or a “jigaboo”) running down innocent children and old people in the street during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, hosts on The Five compared the attack to the Kyle Rittenhouse event, where the media was absurdly claiming that if Kyle had been black, he’d have been punished more severely.

Basically, they did the meme of “what if the races were reversed,” a common meme within “racist” circles.

This might not seem like a major breakthrough, but it kind of is. Or, at least, it is part of a major breakthrough for Fox News, which is now regularly using the term “anti-white” in reference to the Democrat and Jewish agenda to punish whites for their race, as well as pointing out the special treatment that blacks receive under this system.

The Wisconsin anti-white hate attack was done by a prehistoric creature named Darrell Brooks (aka MathBoi Fly).

Fox News also pointed out that it is only a matter of time before the left begins referring to Brooks as a “victim.” That would be true in many cases, but of course in this case, they’re just going to drop the story completely.

I was actually shocked to find that on Tuesday morning, the story remained at the top of Google News, fittingly just above a story of 80 blacks looting and pillaging San Francisco.

Of course, even reporting on black atrocities feeds into their agenda. They want white people to be outraged at the blacks, because this will lead to whites making comments such as “I’m tired of these niggers,” which the media can then use to intensify the agenda against whites.

More than just bullying whites into saying the n-word, they also want to try to push whites into doing “racist” type revenge attacks on the blacks. Giving at least some coverage to the atrocities of the blacks increases “racist” sentiment among the abused, alienated, and oppressed white population.

Brooks had been released without bail or on low bail, as the Fox hosts discussed. Releasing wild blacks onto the streets has very much been a part of the “racial equity” agenda. In fact, Kamala Harris herself has taken part in “charities” designed to get violent blacks back onto the streets as quickly as possible after having been arrested for crimes.

At least one of the blacks that Kamala worked to release has already been arrested for murder.

None of this stuff really matters at this point. They are going to unleash the blacks to kill you and then prosecute you if you defend yourselves, and in fact that is already happening.

The Five also had an interesting segment about the Kyle Rittenhouse situation, which is also worth watching if you want to understand the kinds of things normie type conservatives are hearing about these days.

Kyle won, but the narrative has actually received a serious boost from this trial, where the media – shockingly, I’m sure – did not correct any of these statements after Kyle was shown to be innocent of all charges. Instead, they continued to kick up the noise.

They have actually used this case to solidify the idea in the minds of their own cult supporters that a person who is attacked by blacks does not have any right to defend themselves (obviously we all know that Kyle wasn’t attacked by blacks, but the media has said the attackers were all black, and this is what the leftist public believes).

It was a fluke that Kyle drew a reasonable judge in the first place, but even reasonable judges after this case are going to be wary of standing up against the media narrative.

And if another white man does defend himself, and another judge treats him fairly, it will just be more of the same noise, more attacks on the rights of whites to defend themselves when attacked.

Here’s the thing: you have this population of people, which includes the bulk of colored people and maybe 25% of whites (mostly women) who will just go along with literally anything the media says. There is not really any way to push back against this. It’s just a force of nature at this point. None of these true believers are going to change, and it creates a massive amount of totally unregulated and unassailable power for the left agenda.