Fox News on “The Problem of Whiteness”

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2015

This video is hilarious. Two hot blonde chicks playing men’s roles but not really trying very hard.

Though I thought the reader may just be interested in watching these chicks, I am also posting it to point out the fact that increasingly, Fox News and other highly-Jewed mainstream fake conservative outlets are being forced to address the war on Whites.

Fox News has played a major role in watering down conservative America by starting out semi-hardcore a decade ago, then moving slowly (not really that slowly) into what would have been considered extreme liberalism 50 years ago. They have succeeded in bringing most of their viewership along with them, to the point where now you talk to many low-level conservatives in America and they will say “ah well what we need is legal immigration and gays should get rights just not marriage.”

I once saw two Jews on Fox News who were supposedly debating immigration, and both agreed that it was good for the economy.

The point is, they don’t want to have two Hitler-poster looking chicks talking about a war on Whites, but they must do so in order to maintain basic credibility as White people are no longer able to deny there is a war on them.

And that’s a good thing.

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