Fox News is Transforming Into a Shill Network in Preparation for the End of the Republican Party

The Russian news is more honest about Donald Trump than Fox News.

Of course, they will tell you that is a result of a conspiracy. The reality is that Russians just want a more peaceful world, and relatively, Donald Trump has kept the world peaceful. If you compare his first term to the first term of Barack Obama, you see a lot less global instability, despite the fact that he has the lunatic Mike Pompeo running his State Department.

Russian outlet Sputnik reports on Trump’s latest tweet about the behavior of Fox News:

The precise cause of the US president’s criticism remains unclear, although he is known to have an adversarial relationship with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who attacked the Trump campaign in his Sunday afternoon program over its alleged birther-style attacks against recently chosen Biden running mate Kamala Harris.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to attack Fox News’ weekend afternoon content, calling it “worse than Fake News @CNN” and recommending that followers ‘turn their dial’ to @OANN,” a network he has repeatedly praised in the past, instead.

“They do a really ‘Fair & Balanced’ job!’ Trump suggested.

The president’s comments came immediately after Chris Wallace grilled Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes on his Sunday afternoon program over the administration’s alleged use of ‘birther’-style tactics similar to those Trump used against Barack Obama in 2008 to question whether Kamala Harris is eligible to become president.

“Does the Trump campaign, does President Trump acknowledge that Kamala Harris is eligible to be the next vice president of the United States?” Wallace asked.

“Yes. He made this very clear in his press conference yesterday. He said this is not an issue that we are pursuing,” Cortes said.

“On the other hand he didn’t strike down the claim, and I’m asking about that because he once again yesterday was offered to dismiss the false claim that because her parents were immigrants that she is not eligible to run even though she was born in the state of California,” Wallace retorted.

“Isn’t this just like the birther claims that the president made against Barack Obama? Nothing could be easier than to say ‘it’s a false claim, she is eligible’…Why not just say ‘it’s wrong, it’s false’?” the Fox News host added.

Cortes responded by suggesting that the media seem to be “trying to create a controversy that simply doesn’t exist.”

Over the past several days, Democrat-leaning media have accused the Trump campaign of pursuing a ‘birther’ conspiracy theory against Harris. Trump said he had “no idea” whether the claims made against Harris were correct, but said he “would have assumed that the Democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president.”

The fact that Russian outlets are defending Trump should tell you that the Russians have looked at the data and have come to the conclusion that a Kamala Harris presidency would be a disaster for their country. If it would be a disaster for their country, that indicates that it would be a disaster for the entire civilized world, as Russia is right smack-dab in the middle of the civilized world, placed between the civilized whites of Europe and America with the civilized yellows below it.

The other thing worth noting about Fox News turning into a fake news hoax network is that you can see that they’re preparing to transform into something totally new if and when Donald Trump loses this election. They will remove Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, and there will be little left of any kind of “conservative” message.

For a while, the Republicans will continue to exist, even though they have no chance of winning national office ever again. The Party will be led by the likes of Ben Sasse, who has been the Jewish pick for the face of the Party after Trump is gone.

Then, that fake opposition party will be slowly phased out, as it no longer is necessary to provide any form of hope to the huddled masses of white Americans, as their hope is replaced with pure fear.

Fox News will be along for that whole ride, as they usher in the process of sunsetting the traditional American population, and replacing them with a new mixed multitude of brown people.

OAN will likely just be shut down for hate speech immediately after the election, along with all of the remaining internet sites that have any kind of right-wing tendencies.

You all need to understand that: if Donald Trump loses this election, it will be the end of any chance for ever fixing the United States of America. It will be the end of Republicans as a force on the national stage. It will be the end of any kind of free speech or right to disagree with the government.

They are going to roll out a brutal system. They will legalize all of the illegal immigrants and give them voting rights, immediately, and that alone will make it so no Republican can ever win national office again. Then they will open the floodgates. While you are locked in your house because of a flu virus hoax, your streets will be flooded with foreigners from everywhere.

They will start killing us. The media will not report on it, and no one will know, other than those who witness it with their own eyes. If they try to post on social media about what they’ve seen, they will be arrested for hate speech.

Drugs will flow freely, and young white men will be encouraged in every way possible to kill the pain with a needle. There will be tens of millions of homeless. Those homes they leave will eventually be filled by the incoming brown people, as our entire population is replaced over the span of a few short years.

This is what we are facing.

You need to do what you can to get Donald Trump reelected.