Fox News Host John Roberts is Tired of It (“It” Being “White People”)

In a really bizarre clip, captured by the nasty Persian psychopath Oliver Darcy, Fox News host John Roberts went apeshit demanding that Donald Trump condemn the white race as evil.

Darcy is presumed to be a known homosexual who hates Donald Trump because Trump refuses to bomb the Mullahs in his home country, which he wants to overthrow. This is presumably a known fact. He wants a Democrat rulership so they will attack Iran and remove the government so he can return to build an anal paradise.

Darcy used to be a neoconservative, but switched to neoliberalism when it became clear that that’s the side that will do the bombings.

But what is John Roberts’ excuse? Why does he hate white people, to the point that he is getting all emotionally triggered by the fact that Trump doesn’t want to condemn us to extinction?

Is he also into hardcore gay anal? Is he secretly Jewish? Or is he just a faggot Canadian baby?

It’s hard to say. What’s not hard to say is this: people who are filled with hatred for white people in the way that John Roberts is filled with hatred for white people do not belong on a TV station that is supposed to be conservative.

White people have enough problems; we shouldn’t have to be attacked on the one channel that is supposed to defend us.