Fox News Host Insults President Trump as Network Moves to Elect Joe Biden

Fox News is in the middle of an aggressive process of turning against President Trump in the run-up to the election.

On Tuesday, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends via telephone uplink. At the end of the call, Trump said that he would call in every Monday.

After Trump hung up the phone, host Steve Doocy, who is a faggot, responded by saying, “you may want to do it every week, but Fox is not committed to that, and we’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.”

What the hell even is that?

It’s one of the single most bizarrely awkward things I’ve ever seen on TV. It is transparently an attempt to rile Trump. It’s likely that someone in authority at the network is telling hosts to take a hostile stance against Trump. Did you know that Paul Ryan is now on the board?

According to Vanity Fair, reporting in September of 2019, Ryan is pushing Fox away from Trump.

These Fox hosts have to be realizing that if Trump doesn’t win the election, they’re going to have a serious problem. All of the “Nazis” and “fascists” and “far right extremists” have already been pushed out of society and off of the internet completely. They are all silenced. Censorship doesn’t have a stopping point – it’s called “the slippery slope.” It just keeps going. The next people on the chopping block are Fox News hosts, and with the way this is going with leftist violence, they could end up on a literal chopping block.

Doocy could be trying to avoid the fate of the rest of the network’s employees.

Everyone who watches Fox News supports Donald Trump. There is no anti-Trump Fox News contingent. There are many other news networks that do nothing but attack Trump 24/7, which anyone can watch instead. People who watch Fox want Trump. So the only reason Fox would be attacking Trump would be to attack their own viewers.

Fox News host Eric Bolling posted the clip of Doocy’s weird comment, and we see in the comments that the Fox News viewership is not happy.

The people that are happy with Doocy’s comments?

The left.

They are going nuts over it.

All four of the leftist late night hosts celebrated it.

I think Trump is going to win the election.

But it may well happen that he’ll be forced out by the military.

The media is trying to prepare a climate where this will be possible and acceptable to the public. A big part of that is going to be removing Fox News as a bastion of pro-Trump sentiment.