Fox News Heiress Kathryn Murdoch is a Jew-Lover, Hates Donald Trump, Plotting Against Him

Rupert Murdoch is a Trump supporter. But he’s also 89 years old.

We’ve seen Fox News go from conservative – or at least pro-Republican – to nearly full-CNN in the space between the 2016 and 2020 elections.

This is because the old man who owns it, Rupert Murdoch, was 85 at the time of the 2016 election and is now 89. You simply cannot expect men that age to run companies. So, as he’s aged, his children have begun to take over.

Furthermore, and probably even more importantly, Fox forced out their boss of the network, Roger Ailes, after the disgusting skank Megyn [sic] Kelly claimed that he hugged her in a weird way that made her uncomfortable (yes, seriously, that was literally what got him fired – an alleged uncomfortable hug).

Roger Ailes was a strange dwarf, but he was also a media genius and a die-hard supporter of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump said on the morning of the election, in an interview with Fox & Friends, that the single most difficult aspect of the 2020 election was that he’d been abandoned by Fox News. Now, Fox News is seeking to bury the Real President by promoting the usurper Joe Biden.

Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, appears to hold the most sway in the company right now, and he made the kook decision in March of 2019 to hire Donald Trump’s blood enemy Paul Ryan as a member of the board. It’s known that Ryan was pushing for the network to throw Trump under the bus, and from what we’ve seen over the last year, that is exactly what happened.

As a member of the board of Fox News, anti-American traitor and Jew-lover Paul Ryan is taking his revenge on Donald Trump.

Lachlan is 49. His 47-year-old younger brother James is even more of a serious problem. This week James’ wife Kathryn made waves by going full-Jew on Twitter.

Andrew Anglin has argued from the beginning that white women must be sanctioned. Now, many are starting to agree with him.

She began her rampage on November 5, quote-tweeting the vile Jew neocon Max Boot and calling Trump a “dictator.”

She then quoted-tweeted (probable Jew) Jeremy Barr claiming that her family has an obligation to not report on the widespread election fraud, saying that she agrees that this news should be buried.

She went on to quote-tweet the evil Christ-hating Jew Isaac Saul, telling people that the fraud isn’t really real somehow.

Perhaps most damning of all was the tweet she posted after Biden was declared the victor by the media on November 7: “We did it!!!!”

This woman is not directly involved in running Fox News. However, she is married to a man whose brother is in charge of it. In fact, her husband worked in a top position at News Corp, Fox’s parent company, up until July of this year. The couple are Biden donors.

It is absurd to imagine that this branch of the family does not hold some sway as to the direction of Fox. So to have this woman out there publicly claiming that she is working to destroy Donald Trump, who she thinks is a dictator, and also saying that she thinks Fox News should bury evidence of voter fraud, is extremely suspect.

Fox News is absolutely involved in a conspiracy against Donald Trump. They are promoting all kinds of hoaxes, they are silencing their own hosts for speaking out against the fraud. Judge Jeanine had her Saturday show canceled because she was planning to expose the fraud.

It’s only a matter of time before Tucker Carlson is banned from the network. I suspect Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and others loyal to the Real President will also be banned, but Tucker is the most efficient and most important, and I think they will take him out first. Most likely, they will literally replace him with the Jewish fiend Ben Shapiro.

What is most disturbing about this shift at Fox is that there is no money in it. CNN already exists. What’s more, you have multiple other liberal networks. Fox News was the single biggest network primarily because it was the only one not owned by Jews, and thus the only one that catered to right-wingers (or at least to Republicans). They have no competition in that field, and it would make absolute financial sense to hold that ground.

So, they are abandoning a monopoly on right-wing news to go try to compete with CNN?

That makes zero sense in any terms other than as a Jewish conspiracy. The Jews have weaseled their way into the Murdoch family, and the children of Rupert are happily selling out their father’s legacy as the only news man who at least tried to tell the truth.

What’s more, we’ve seen that the Murdoch-owned newspaper, the New York Post, is also going full-Jew and endorsing the usurpation of the presidency by the pretender to the throne Joe Biden.

This is a disgrace.

The media has an absolute monopoly on public discussion. They saw that Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones and every other independent voice was banned. Remember that: we were all banned at the behest of the media.

Now, they are consolidating, and deciding to push a single, unified narrative – the narrative of fake news.

When we take the election victory, the first thing we are going to do is reimpose free speech on America. That way, the natural course of social and technological evolution will be allowed to take place, and these networks will become irrelevant.