Fox News Cut Biden’s Eloquent Speech Offering a Solution to the Covid Pandemic

Joe Biden took an opportunity to introduce a profound plan for the country moving forward last week while appearing in Illinois.

Fox News briefly cut to his speech, but cut away quickly so that their racist viewers would not be swayed by his profound statements, made with eloquence and grace, which easily could have served to bring America together.

“The Ohio Pennsylvania. The Ohio Pennsylvania. I’m from Pennsylvania. The uh, the ill. The Illinois president of the uh. Of the Don Harmon, state senator Lauren Murphy, state rep um. Uh, Martin Muh Muh Muh Moyland, and uh, we got the great babble lader nip here too,” Biden said decisively. “Tim, where’s Tim? There you go, Tim. Thank you. Thank you, pal. AFL-CIO state President. And Jeff Isaacson, united brotherhood of carpenters unifer, and Don fen IBEW and uh, and Robert rider, reader, Reiter, R-E-I-T-E-R. Re-Reader. Chicago Federation of Labor. And folks uh, that’s how we beat COVID-19.”

Right there, after he’d laid the solid foundation of his plan – that’s when Fox decided to pull the plug, refusing to allow their readers to view the rest of his monumentally important statements about his plan to beat the deadly coronavirus by bringing us all together.

The racist leaders of Fox News are intent on division in this country. They don’t want us to come together under the values that made this country great. They don’t believe in democracy. The only thing they believe in is hate.

They don’t just hate gays, blacks, trans lives, trans children, non-binary children, drag queens, immigrants, people of color, people who have sex with dogs, black and brown lives, queer folks, and the teachers’ union. No – they even hate their own viewers. That’s why they’re trying to trick their own viewers into not taking the coronavirus vaccine. They want to see their viewers dead.

You might say: “well, maybe Fox is an anti-racist channel, if they’re trying to kill their own racist viewers?”

That’s an optimistic view, but you would only say something so stupid if you don’t understand science.

The way Covid works is that it goes into the unvaccinated. It might not even make them sick. They probably won’t even know they have it at all. But while it is in their bodies, it mutates, and then it bypasses the protections of people who have taken the vaccine and then kills them. That’s why you have these statistics coming from all over the world where the majority of those who are dying are vaccinated.

Data recently released by the British government showed that those who have received the vaccine are 6.6 times more likely to die from Covid than the unvaccinated.

In Australia, it was recently announced that 6 of 7 people who died from Covid were vaccinated.

The science is clear: being vaccinated makes you at least six times more likely to die from Covid – and yet, somehow, white Fox News viewers don’t believe they should have to take this vaccine.

The unvaccinated don’t care that they are killing others by refusing to take the vaccine. They get morally empowered and justified by the anti-science disinformation on Fox News telling them it’s okay to not get vaccinated. They say that’s their “right.” These are the same people, mind you, who think they have a “right” to scream the n-word in a black person’s face and then turn around and call peaceful BLM protests “violent.”

As Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, recently explained – you do not have a “right” not to take this vaccine.

The studio heads at Fox know that being vaccinated makes you more likely to die from Covid – that’s why they’re keeping their viewers unvaccinated. By keeping their viewers unvaccinated, Fox News has a plan to use their viewers to kill the viewers of all the other channels, like CNN. That way, Fox will be the only remaining news channel. All those who did the right thing, who followed the science and took the vaccine, will be dead because of unvaccinated Fox News viewers.

Fox News hides behind the First Amendment while they spread their unscientific lies about the coronavirus vaccine being unsafe, or that people shouldn’t be forced to take it. In fact, the First Amendment says nothing about denying science. It says the right to speech – not to spread anti-scientific debunked disinformation or false lies.

Don Lemon hit the nail on the head last week – we can’t just allow people to go around saying whatever they want.

He said it is time for Fox News to face serious consequences for the BS they are spreading.

We live in a society of law and order.

The Justice Department finally took a big first step last week when they labeled parents who try to read passages from Lawn Boy at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Teachers are our nation’s greatest servants, as they teach our children. Threatening them with passages from Lawn Boy is illegal.

But while we certainly need to protect our teachers, what about the everyday Joe, who is threatened all day long by the unvaccinated, who could kill him simply by breathing on him? Are they protected from that threat, and the people who enable that threat by spreading false disinformation and debunked conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine?

It’s time for a lot more speech to be labeled as terrorism – first and foremost anti-science disinformation, which is literally killing people every day. The number one job of our government is to save lives – not to protect so-called “rights.”

Ironically, it is CNN, a network which strives for global racial equity, that tells people to get the coronavirus vaccine, which will save their lives. Meanwhile, Fox News thrives on racism. The average Fox News viewer shows up to watch their shows to get debunked conspiracy theories about a relationship between race and IQ, anti-Semitic tropes and canards about a “Jewish conspiracy” to exterminate the white race, and misrepresented data from FBI crime reports. Come for the virulent hate, stay for the attacks on science. If white people were not so filled with hatred, they would watch CNN, learn that the vaccine is safe and effective, and get the jab and save their lives from this deadly virus.

Following this logic, it really is racism that is preventing people from getting vaccinated. The science is clear: this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Since the racist haven of Fox News is the primary super-spreader of disinformation about the vaccine, this is, quite literally, a pandemic of hate.

As Don Lemon said: it’s time for Fox News to face real consequences.

We took down the Daily Stormer, we took down Alex Jones, we took down Parler. It’s time to get Fox News off the air. The First Amendment is about free speech – not freedom from consequences. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. If the Justice Department won’t act and declare Fox News what it is – a domestic terrorist organization – then it is time for the families of people who died from the coronavirus because they were exposed to an unvaccinated person to start suing Fox News for murder.