Fox News Anchor Finally Connects the Frankfurt School to Modern Woke Ideology

Fox News has a British guy who does the weekend show who is now actually better than Tucker Carlson.

Steve Hilton should in fact replace Tucker Carlson, who is now refusing to talk about the problems in our own government and instead shill nonstop for the Biden Administration’s anti-China policy.

On Sunday, Hilton discussed the historical fact that the modern “woke” culture is rooted entirely in the Frankfurt School’s critical theory ideology, and that all we are witnessing now is the blooming of a hundred year old plan by the Je – by the European-style socialists – to overthrow traditional European society.

Hilton breaks down the fact that the Frankfurt school decided to target family, religion and culture as barriers to a communist society. Of course, he doesn’t mention the ethnic element to all of this, but it is simply a historical fact that all of the members of the Frankfurt School were Jewish, and that their stated goal was to “combat anti-Semitism.”

The idea put forward in Theodor Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality” was that if a man identifies strongly with his father, he is more likely to support a “fascist” leader, and that a fascist leader is more likely in turn to persecute the Jews. Thus it was that they decided they had to pick apart the family, to destroy the traditional patriarchy, in order to protect their ethnic interests.

What Hilton does explain very well is how this process took place: Frankfurt member Herbert Marcuse espoused the idea that the university system should be used as a tool for changing the society, and for creating the ideal society that they envisioned: one where religion and family were replaced with allegiance to the state.

Hilton also goes through the history of how this ideology absorbed (and in fact more or less created) racial grievance politics, and spawned the doctrine of “intersectionality.”

I hope that people share this segment with their friends and family members who aren’t quite getting things yet. Discussion of the roots of “Cultural Marxism” is a big step in the right direction for the mainstream right, and is at least as important as a change as the inclusion of the term “anti-white” in the Fox News vocabulary.

Even as things look bad, the reality is that we have succeeded in pushing our various narratives onto the mainstream, in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. One thing that I have long pushed for is polarization, where people are forced to pick a side between a right-wing agenda and a left-wing agenda. Most of the work towards that goal has obviously been done by the left itself, but right-wingers are now realizing that there is no room for them in the middle, and that they have to retreat to real right-wing positions or simply get eaten alive.

Normal people are now looking at what is called “far right” as the only viable long-term strategy for staying alive, as the leftist mob continues calling for blood at a blood-curdling pitch. Even amidst all of the bad things that are happening, we should celebrate that.

Whites are going to be a minority in America. Things are going to get worse before they get better. But as long as we are able to get our own people on our side, no odds are too great for us to overcome.