Fourth Gibbon Charged Over Fake Gender Reveal Party Shooting That Left White Woman Dead

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

Vandell Slade.

So an attention-seeking skank faked a pregnancy to have a gender reveal party for a child that never existed, then a pack of Wakandans shot up that party for drugs that weren’t even there?

You best start believing in Clown World, goyim.

You’re in one.


A Columbus man has been charged in connection with the fake gender-reveal party shooting that killed one and injured eight in Colerain Township in 2017.

Vandell Slade, 30, has been charged with murder, attempted murder and felonious assault, according to an indictment filed Wednesday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

Three other men were charged in the shooting in December.

On July 8, 2017, Autumn Garrett, 22, was shot and killed at a supposed gender-reveal party for Cheyanne Willis, who was 21. Colerain police eventually determined they were dealing with witnesses who had connections to more than one drug ring.

Willis told the media that she lost her fetus after being shot in the thigh. But a week later, police announced Willis had admitted she had not been pregnant. Slade’s charges also stem from injuries Willis suffered in the shooting.

Prosecutors say Willis was the target of the shooting.

According to court documents, Roshawn Bishop and another man wanted her dead and “enlisted the help of Vandell Slade.”

Slade produced two shooters-for-hire: James Echols and Michael Sanon, both from Columbus, officials said. Slade drove the two men to Willis’ home the night of the mass shooting, the documents state.

The first three suspects, from left to right: Roshawn Bishop, Michael Sanon and James Echols.

“Echols and Sanon opened the screen door to the living room…and opened fire with the intent to kill everyone inside,” prosecutors said.

Garrett was fatally shot three times. Her husband was shot in the head and wrist, lost his eyesight in one eye and suffered brain damage. The couple’s 1-year-old child was shot in the knee and arm. Their 3-year-old was shot in both his calf and his head. Both children survived.

An 8-year-old was also among the victims along with Elijah Clemmons, Lori White and Morgan Bradley.

Willis, the alleged target, was shot once in the left thigh.

Police said the shooting was sparked by drug activity. Police also reported there were no indications the Garrett family was connected to the drug activity that sparked the shootings. It was a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Autumn Garrett.

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