Four Years Later, WaPo Still Referring to Michael Brown as “Unarmed Black Teen” in Their Lede

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2017

Three years later, after Darren Wilson has been cleared of all charges, WaPo is still using the victim-charged description of “unarmed black teen” in their lede when covering news about the Michael Brown saga.

It’s truly incredible, that they have this kind of nerve.

This is an “unarmed black teen”:

Michael Brown most certainly had arms. Very big arms with very big hands attached to them that he decided to use to attack a cop.

The cop had a gun, which Brown easily could have gotten a hold of while he was beating him – or he just could have beaten him to death, as the “unarmed black teen” Trayvon Martin tried to do to George Zimmerman.

The Washington Post so brazenly using this charged language, long after the whole story has been told, is unfathomable.

Washington Post Editor-in-Chief, Martin Baron

And why are they doing it?

That is one question the mainstream conservatives never seem to ask.

Clearly, it is intended to harm society by distorting reality. That isn’t debatable, from an objective standpoint.

Blacks are behaving very badly in this country. They are raping and killing us on the streets in massive numbers.

Whites are told they are actually the ones behaving badly, and because there are no real examples of this, reality is inverted. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store, got stopped by a cop, attacked the cop and was shot in self defense – and he is the victim of all white people.

Whether it is the blacks, the Moslems, the Russians, the Middle East, Donald Trump, homosexuals, women – whatever – the narrative pushed is the one that can do the most harm to America. When they can’t twist the facts, they just make them up.

The media is at war with society, intent on breaking it down, removing all remaining functionality from it.

But why would anyone want to do that?

This is a conscious, knowing conspiracy.

Some of the people involved in it might believe they are destroying America because it will lead to something good, but all journalists understand that they are purposefully destroying the country. They are acting in concert.

This is a sedition.