Four Blacks Rearrested for 2006 Murder of Two White Pizza Hut Employees

Clockwise from top left: Darius Hubbard, Bianca Newman, Anthony Holliman and Justin Prox

Why were they even released in the first place?

Of course they did it – they’re black!


Almost 14 years after two Terrell Pizza Hut employees were found slain inside a store, police say they have rearrested the four original suspects in the case.

Patricia Oferosky and Stephen Mitchelltree were found fatally shot in the store around closing time on Sept. 3, 2006.

Police determined at the time that the suspects — current and former Pizza Hut employees — had planned a robbery that led to the double homicide.

Four people were arrested and charged with capital murder but were later released by the district attorney.

The case remained open, and recently Terrell police investigators, the Texas Rangers and the Kaufman County district attorney’s office began reexamining the case.

Police said new technological advances combined with “a fresh investigative perspective” allowed the team to secure criminal indictments through the district attorney’s office.

A special grand jury session was convened Friday and the same four suspects were rearrested in the deaths of Oferosky and Mitchelltree, police said.

Police identified the suspects as Justin Prox, 32, Anthony Holliman, 32, Bianca Newman, 36, and Darius Hubbard, 33.

In 2018, Oferosky’s mother Jean Lee sat down with NBC5 to talk about the search for answers in her daughter’s case.

“It was very, very difficult to see someone walk away that you truly believe were the ones that hurt you,” she said at the time.

Though Lee said then she wasn’t holding on to anger, she was hopeful for justice for her family.

Lee died earlier this year.

Her family says they can’t comment on the case.

Hubbard is in prison at the Coffield facility in Tennessee Colony serving sentences on unrelated convictions for a 2005 drug charge and 2010 aggravated robbery.

Stephen Mitchelltree and Patricia Oferosky