Fortress Defense Saga: Greg Johnson Joins the Assault on Our Base

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2014

Writing an article attacking me without providing a direct link, Greg?  How you gonna do me like that, bro?
Writing an article attacking me without providing a direct link, Greg? How you gonna do me like that, bro?  Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and link you, since I personally subscribe to the belief that it is important for my readers to know what I am talking about.

As was obviously bound to happen, Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson has joined the assault on The Daily Stormer, attempting to weaken our resolve and capture our fortress through subterfuge and complex trickery.

Johnson has thrown in with the likes of Alt Right and RamZPaul – a group collectively referred to as the “Right Whinge” by everyone on the internet – to attack us for doing a good job and actually getting people aware of and interested in the struggle for White survival.

Johnson’s essay, which calls me and my people – you, dearest brothers – “retards” in the most clever of fashions (Greg is big on clever fashions), reduces the arguments of Colin Liddell, which were largely weak and stupid, into a simplified form: “yeah, it’s cool guise, but 2 much rednecks and Hitlers lol.”

He coins the term “vantard” to refer to us, claiming that we are populist retards pretending to be the vanguard of the revolution, while he is the real vanguard.

Overall though, the piece is quite good, I believe, in that it makes a point of agreeing with everything I have been saying for years… then somehow uses these points to attack me.

Johnson writes:

For me, there are four political absolutes:

  1. Europeans constitute a distinct race, the white race. Thus to be French or German or Swedish or Greek or Italian or Irish is also to be white. Therefore, no non-racial form of civic, linguistic, cultural, or religious nationalism is sufficient to defend European peoples. Because non-whites can be citizens of European lands, speak European languages, share in European culture, and profess Christianity, any form of nationalism that cannot distinguish such people from whites cannot save our race.
  2. The white race is threatened with simple biological extinction, compared to which all other political issues are trivial distractions. Only by recognizing the absolute and biological nature of the threat can we define a real solution and create the necessary moral seriousness and urgency to implement it.
  3. The only tenable solution to the threat of white extinction is White Nationalism: the creation of homogeneously white homelands for all white peoples, which will require the alteration of political borders and the mass resettlement of non-whites.
  4. Jews are not Europeans. Many Jews have European blood, but they have a distinctly non-European consciousness, which defines their origins, interests, and destiny in contradistinction to Europeans. This means that there is an inevitable conflict between Jewish and European interests and identity. There is, moreover, a long history of Jewish enmity and malevolence towards Europeans, which has sometimes — though not always — been recognized and reciprocated. Finally, although White Nationalists can debate endlessly on the relative responsibility of Jews for the perilous state of white humanity, there should be no debate on the fact that the organized Jewish community is the principal enemy — not the sole enemy, but the principal enemy — of every attempt to halt and reverse white extinction. One cannot defeat an enemy one will not name. Therefore, White Nationalism is inescapably anti-Semitic.

So. We agree on all of this.

What then, is the issue?

Well, we’re going to try and figure that out (SPOILER ALERT: I read this entire article, and we never actually figure it out –Ed).

He mixes the attack on me with attacks on the rest of the “New Right,” who he accuses of “mainstreaming” and denying the Jew question.  A point I obviously agree with.  Interestingly, it seems Johnson’s position is much closer to our own than that of the likes of Liddell, Spencer and Taylor.  He is just apparently worried that if we populists are successful, after the revolution he will be forced to attend backyard BBQs and drive a pick-up truck while blasting Waylon Jennings.  He then squirms around and attempts to provide an intellectual justification for his fear that we will Waylocaust him, and fails.

"I'd rather the White race be completely destroyed by the Jews than allow Anglin to take over the government and force me to watch action films." -Greg Johnson, in a secret meeting with Colin Liddell in a really nice hotel in Prague
“I’d rather the White race be completely destroyed by the Jews than allow Anglin to take over the government and force me to eat at Waffle House and watch UFC.” -Greg Johnson, during a secret meeting with Colin Liddell at an exquisitely fantastic historical hotel in Prague

Johnson even admits that we are right about Hitler, just says we shouldn’t talk about it.

He writes:

Of course vantards can protest that Adolf Hitler did, in fact, agree with our principles. That is true of course, and to Hitler’s credit. It is also true of quite a lot of other intelligent whites. But the things we believe are true and good regardless of what any historical figure thought about them, one way or the other. So does harping on Hitler, no matter how factually correct one might be, make it any easier to persuade the people we are trying to save?

This is an admission of Hitler truth, which can be cited by enemy forces seeking to make him look nuts, if that is in fact how these things work (that is how he and others claim these things work).

So it’s not “don’t defend Hitler,” it’s just “don’t defend Hitler on a regular basis.”

Still, he shows he has more spine than the slithering holo-hugger Liddell, who claims we blame all our problems on innocent Christ-Killing Jewish farm weasels and should accept that it is all our own fault and then cry about it.

He then attacks us for allegedly appealing to “inferior” Whites:

The second vantard error is to insist on what I call “premature populism,” which is presented as an appeal to working class whites but is in fact usually just an appeal to stupid, vicious, and tasteless whites of all social classes (and an implied insult to working class white people). But our movement should aim to recruit whites of all social classes who are above average in intelligence, virtue, and taste. At this stage we simply don’t need inferior whites, and no special efforts should be made to recruit them. We’ll represent their interests just like the rest of our folk, but we would be foolish to trust our racial salvation to them.

By “inferior” Whites, presumably, he means “people who do actual work.”

Definitely looks to be a load of gibberish thinly veiling gross levels of blatant elitism, but as I will not base my response on presumptions, Johnson will need to clarify what he means by “inferior” Whites.

We would be foolish to trust
We would be foolish to trust our racial salvation to men such as this…
...this is what we need more of.
…this is what we need more of.

Thus, until such a time as the meaning of this term is explicated by Johnson, we will deal instead with the accusations of obsessive Hitler-worship (because it is okay to say Hitler was the good guy, it just isn’t okay to say it very often).

Firstly, I agree with Johnson’s calls of “by any means necessary.”  Damn straight – we’ve got an extinction scenario on our hands here.

Adhering to this principle, I will say that though I admittedly enjoy it, I have no specific emotional need to discuss the Third Reich or the Hoaxocaust, and would stop doing it if someone could present a good reason to. Thus far, I have simply witnessed a flailing demonstration of a lack of an understanding of why I talk about Third Reich history, rather than a decent argument against the logic I am employing in doing so (which I haven’t been secretive about).

The first reason that World War II history is important is that, as Johnson admits, Jews are the primary enemy of the White race. The base of Jewish power is their position as unquestionable, due to their alleged suffering. The source of this position is their filthy Jew lies about Hitler and the alleged 6 trillion. Thus, in order to fight our primary enemy, the Jew, we must remove his unquestionable status, and in order to remove that status, we must expose the hoax. Showing the true nature of the Reich is necessary because it works to expose the hoax.

On top of this, National Socialism is clearly the natural foundation of any future White society, as it is scientifically perfect. The response to that from the Whinge would be that we can use the ideas of Hitler without the swastikas and salutes, but that point is moot because you are going to get called a Nazi no matter what.

It is slightly profound that this dramarama with the ongoing attacks on The Daily Stormer by these people who agree with all of our goals but find us annoying (slash retarded secret agents) is coinciding with the Budapest dramafest wherein Richard Spencer, a pillar of the “take it easy, bro, it’s cool” White movement was banned from Hungary and arrested for being an evil racist.

The weakest part of the essay is when Johnson quotes Liddell’s stupid analogy about leftists not promoting Pol Pot or Mao. Liddell argued that the Third Reich was a “dark part” of the history of nationalism, and thus should be hushed up and forgotten about. However, Johnson himself praises Hitler as a hero (as quoted above from the very essay I am responding to), so presumably would not consider this a “dark part” of history.

The darkest days of White history, when six million teenage girls were forced to giggle with Adolf Hitler, the number one lampshade and soap producer of the twentieth century.
The darkest days of White history, when six million teenage girls were forced to giggle with Adolf Hitler.

His purpose for quoting that passage is that though unlike Liddell, he is in possession of a spine, he believes that there is no way to rehabilitate this part of history, so the Jewish lies might as well all be true, thus we need to surrender and accept their ridiculous narrative of lampshades and soap and just try to work around it.

How on earth are you going to work around the Holocaust, Mr. Johnson? It is the event most closely associated with Jews in the minds of all normal White people. And as you say in your essay, it is absolutely necessary not to compromise on the Jew question, and as an Anitsemitic nationalist, your ideology will, no matter what, be directly linked to Nazism, always.

And it isn’t like it’s super difficult to disprove the hoax.  It takes a maximum of two hours and five minutes.

From where I am sitting, these “mainstreamers” you criticize in your essay ultimately went mainstream because refusing to address Third Reich history put them in a position where they had no moral grounds upon which to approach the Jewish question, and thus they had to forego addressing it and instead just claim that White people did all of this to themselves for no reason.

Let me explain something to you here, Greg.

You cannot preserve the White race without addressing the Jews.

You cannot address the Jews without addressing their hoax.

You cannot address their hoax without addressing Adolf Hitler.

The real retardation here, Greg, is imagining you can somehow navigate around the source of Jew power.

So as long as the hoax stands, you and your essay-writing, conference-holding buddies are the same thing as us skinheads with our gas chamber jokes in the minds of virtually everyone on earth. You blame us for existing, claiming that if we didn’t exist they wouldn’t be able to lump you with us, but they would be calling you the exact same thing even if we didn’t exist.

The only thing that The Daily Stormer not existing would mean is that instead of tens of thousands of people reading articles about White issues daily, there were be a few hundred. You and your circle-jerk would have the same number of readers, and still be called evil racist Nazis for suggesting that White people have a right to exist.  You and I both know there will never be a softer White advocate than Richard Spencer – he has put his entire being into being as soft and non-threatening as is humanly possible – and what happened to Richard earlier this week, Greg?

Do you remember what happened to Richard Spencer, the softest ever White advocate, earlier this week, Greg Johnson?

The Richard Spencer Story: Coming soon to a Hungarian jail near you.
The Richard Spencer Story: Coming soon to a Hungarian jail near you.

The Jewish fantasy version of the Third Reich is the defining force of the 20th century, and the only reason any of these problems we both want to solve are happening in the first place.  It simply cannot be pushed under the rug.

Failing to Internet, Massive Misconceptions About Modern Youth Culture

Another aspect of this debate which I will just throw into this rambling screed, which is sure to be over 9000 times less refined than Johnson’s essay, which was a admittedly an A+ masterpiece of essayism (as is generally his style), is the fact that Johnson and the rest of the Right Whinge have zero conception of modern youth culture, and apparently mistake the intelligent White former-middle class for redneck methheads.

Johnson enjoys attacking working people who don’t read philosophy books as “inferior,” and implying they are worthless, but seems unclear about the fact that working people are not what makes up the bulk of our readership.  The majority are under-thirties, who probably grew up in middle class homes and did some college, probably have above-average IQs.

Greg Johnson first learned about the Daily Stormer agenda from Breaking Bad.
Greg Johnson first learned about the threat of the Daily Stormer agenda from an artsy television drama.

Interpreting our presentation as 100% serious is ridiculous, but appears to be where these people are coming from.  The Daily Stormer has a layered brilliance.  Though I offended a few people when I labelled the site “vulgar propaganda” in my response to Liddell’s initial assault, this is both a method of influence as well as a stylistic choice that appeals to any major dude.

One of the key figures of modern internet culture just came out as a full Nazi on this site, Greg.  What does that tell you?  What it tells me is that you are outside of the modern paradigm of youth culture, and when you criticize me, you are criticizing a fantasy of beer-chugging hillbillies in trailers.

What is actually going on here is something much more subtle, and something much better:

Nazism is hip.

We are the cutting edge of cool, whereas you are the cutting edge of weird.

The Daily Stormer: It's where all the cool kids hang out.
The Daily Stormer: It’s where all the cool kids hang out.
Counter-Currents: It's where this sort of thing happens.
Counter-Currents: It’s where this sort of thing happens.

That is the core irony of this.  Whereas you people are attacking me as if I’ve no idea how to appeal to masses of people, I have hit on a method of appealing to masses of people which has proven to be exponentially more effective than anything the Right Whinge has accomplished in however many decades.  Which is why I am now so much more popular than you that you feel the need to attack me and call me a retard.

Although I do fancy a working man’s revolution, and speak to that audience directly as much as I am able, the larger agenda is to reshape White Nationalism, which is naturally cool but has had it’s coolness stripped from it by vampires like Jared Taylor, back into something that the youth can embrace with vigor, in the way the sixties generation embraced liberalism.

We need sexiness.  We need romance.  We need youthful rebellion.  And we need it quickly.

Please refer me to imagery that embodies all of these qualities more than that of Nazism.

Inspiration: There was actually a time when scenes such as this happened in real life.  And it is possible it could happen again.

We also need to lol, Greg.  Because laughing is the one thing that is going to keep us sane in a world where sanity itself is virtually a capital offense.

My goal is that anyone who comes to this site laughs out loud at least once every visit.

Anne Frank died of typhus after the allies bombed the supply lines.  Following this, she was made into a lampshade or whatever lol
This is funny, Greg.  It is funny on a level you may be incapable of grasping.  It is funny enough to remove the emotional attachment to the hoax, funny enough to make someone want to join a group that is capable of such lols.

How you have all missed all of this is beyond me.  But it truly appears that you are so far removed from the present youth culture of White people, as well as the basic eternal principles of what inspires young people, that the entire Stormer operation has flown right over your head, like a Messerschmitt Me 262 over a field of goats.  You have merely attacked a fantasy you’ve created in your mind, and like Liddell, actually think I am trying to be Romper Stomper when I post pictures of it to mock his “these damn kids” attempt to portray me as such.

It’s cool though, bro.  I’m not mad.

Just to be Crystal (No, Not Meth Johnson, You Troll)

According to his four principles, Johnson and I share the same basic goal.  However, we have severely different methods of pushing for these goals.

My technique includes the following elements:

  • Nazism
  • lols
  • Traditional American straight talk
  • Shocking, offensive and hilarious propaganda
  • Traditional Christian values

Conversely, Johnson’s technique includes:

  • Essays
  • Conferences
  • Reviews of books no one cares about
  • Writing of books no one cares about
  • Promotion of homosexuality as a cornerstone of White civilization

You can decide which is likely to work best.

Or, you can just look at these graphs.

Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents
Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer
Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer

And, just for the record:

Jared Taylor's AmRen
Jared Taylor’s AmRen
Richard Spencer's Radix Journal
Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal
Colin Liddell's Alt Right
Colin Liddell’s Alt Right

“But listen to me, you stupid Nazis, you are never going to get anywhere promoting Nazism.  You need to do what we do.  It is the only way to be effective.  It’s what will really bring the chickens home to roost, or whatever farming analogy you prefer, plebeian.  If you don’t follow this method, you are a secret agent, or a retard, or whatever.”

Don’t worry, Greg.  Once we are successful in our revolution, we won’t make you go to BBQs or drive a pick-up truck.  You, Liddel, Spencer and Jared Taylor will, however, be forced to listen to Waylon Jennings at least three hours a day for a year straight as part of our mandatory Nazi “man-up” program, which anyone who ever told The Daily Stormer to tone it down will be forced to go through.

The Truth is, None of These People Matter

The bottom line in all of this drama is that these people are nigh irrelevant, and that is likely the core of this whine festival they are hosting.  They are pissed off about the kid with the shaved head and the endless lampshade jokes making more noise in two years than all of them combined, plus their predecessors, were able to make in twenty years.

What matters is what we are doing.  We are invading popular culture, we are rallying the sections of society that matter under a single banner.  It is sad that we have to suffer attacks from jealous and/or confused persons who claim to support the cause of White liberation, but such is life, and a tear I have not shed.

I respond because they are spreading information which may confuse, and thus there is a need to state my perspective.  It stands for posterity, so that perhaps these arguments will stop showing up, given that no one with any degree of integrity can ever take them seriously again.  I once did a similar thing to the Arab terrorist Mark Glenn when he was demanding that Antisemites embrace Islamic immigrants – you don’t see anyone talking about that anymore, do you?

As we continue to move forward, the truth will become more and more obvious: that the format of the Daily Stormer – this embodiment of teenage angst having become twenty-something anger over no past, no present and no future – has laid out is the precise way forward.  We need young men of all classes to embrace their hatred of a system which robbed them of the nations their ancestors created for them, robbed them of the power and the glory of the historical European society.

And we are doing that.

The Right Whinge has bunglingly appealed to class warfare concepts in an attempt to tear down White unity for reasons which remain unclear, and this has failed.  They have been confronted, they themselves have been torn down, and they have been dismissed.

Forward, march.

Whether we are the sons of craftsmen and butchers or the sons of university professors and neurosurgeons, we know that we are all the sons of Europa.




Brothers, all.  Now until the end of time.
Brothers, all. Now until the earth crashes into the sun.

So, Anyway…

We’re moving forward, Greg.  We have a plan, and the plan is coming together.

Do your thing.  Write your books about poetry and pederasty.  We’ve no beef with you.

Please, just stay out of our way.

From my cold, dead hands.
From my cold, dead hands.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin