Fort Stewart Soldier Overdoses on Red Pills, Has Meltdown in Parking Lot, Screams at Blacks

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019

Red pills can produce quite the traumatic experience.

Have you ever wondered what overdosing on red pills look like?

This may be it.

We obviously don’t know exactly what was happening and what was going through his mind, but it does look like he suddenly realized his wife is a goblin and that his country is overrun with blacks, browns and other shades of filth.

Daily Mail:

A Fort Stewart soldier has been arrested by military police after having a furious meltdown during a dispute over a Georgia mall parking space before violently ripping off his uniform and shoving his wife.

Shocking footage filmed by a witness at the scene, showed the 3rd Infantry Division solider, whose name has not been released, arguing with a group of black women outside the Olgethrope Mall on Monday.

The man, who was in uniform, became visibly agitated as he screamed at the women to ‘Shut the f**k up,’ before calling one a ‘b***h’, and another a ‘n****r’.

He even appears to threaten them, announcing that: ‘It don’t matter if you were in the way of my God d**n car.’

When his wife tries to intervene, he screams in her face.

Growling and in a fit of rage, the man rips off his uniform as his partner tries to calm him down. He also snatches his hat off his head.

As his wife pleads with him not to do anything, and lays a reassuring hand on his arm, he focuses his fury on her.

He aggressively grabs her arm and painfully twists it up her back, before slamming her into the trunk of their vehicle.

The women he has been arguing shout out in alarm, telling him he can’t hurt his wife, to which he responds by telling them to ‘shut the f**k up.’

‘And you have the nerve to serve our country,’ one woman says while filming. 

The man responds: ‘F**k this country, f**k America.’

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be a soldier that suddenly realizes that he risked his life for blacks and browns that want to replace him and his kind?

Suddenly realizing that your friends died for nothing, that you risked your life for these dark beings that want to replace you, and that you get nothing but contempt because of it.

You get no respect.

You get nothing.

One can only imagine.

De’Minka Spaulding, the woman who posted the videos of the incident, said that the man kept throwing their race at them as he argued with them.

He kept throwing up the race card and being disrespectful and “b***h that and b***h this,”‘ she explained to WSAV. ‘So, we start arguing back and forth I didn’t know what else to do because he started taking his anger out on his wife.’

It really does look like he suddenly put on some kind of racist goggles on and his mind was blown by what he saw.

Spaulding’s friend filmed the altercation from a nearby car while she filmed while talking to the man. She shared that she was shocked that the soldier would manhandle his partner.

We don’t do gendered language anymore, so the correct term is “personhandle.”

She was shocked that the soldier would personhandle his partner.

After Trump gave the green light to hate through his recent tweets, we can expect lots of incidents like these to flood the news soon.

People’s self-preservation instincts are being awakened.