Former Trump Chief of Security Testifies, Shows #Pissgate to Be a Hoax

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2017

Hillary’s most powerful argument against Trump, during the 2016 elections, was that he had engaged in urine-oriented sexual acts with Russian hookers – on the same bed that Obama had slept in.

Of course, that was a lie.

And in my opinion, the fact that this stupid bitch had to pay someone 10 million dollars to come up with that lie reflects more poorly on her judgement and financial responsibility than any sort of weird sex act.

Predictably, more evidence is coming in showing the “piss dossier” to have been a total fabrication.


President Donald Trump’s long-time confidant Keith Schiller privately testified that he rejected a Russian offer to send five women to then private-citizen Trump’s hotel room during their 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, according to multiple sources from both political parties with direct knowledge of the testimony.

Keith Schiller. This guy doesn’t look like he’s messing around.

Schiller, Trump’s former bodyguard and personal aide, testified that he took the offer as a joke, two of the sources said. On their way up to Trump’s hotel room that night, Schiller told the billionaire businessman about the offer and Trump laughed it off, Schiller told the House intelligence committee earlier this week.

After several minutes outside of Trump’s door, which was Schiller’s practice as Trump’s security chief, he said he left.

There’s no way Trump would be stupid enough to fall for something like this. He knows very well that this is exactly how blackmail material is gathered.

Of course, any hotel in Moscow is going to be offering rich people overpriced hookers, so this event could be totally unrelated to any sort of blackmail attempt.

Members of the committee raised the matter because of salacious allegations laid out in a dossier compiled by former British agent Christopher Steele, an opposition research document funded by Democrats detailing alleged ties between Trump and his associates with Russians.

During this week’s closed-door hearing, House lawmakers walked through a Daily Caller article, which raised some of the allegations about Trump’s Moscow trip from the dossier and discussed an alternative story involving Schiller’s role in rejecting the Russian offer of sending prostitutes to Trump’s room.

The dossier’s claims about Trump’s activities in Moscow are some of the most incendiary claims in the memos compiled by Steele, which claimed that Russia obtained “kompromat,” or dirt, on Trump to use as blackmail. Trump has long denounced the dossier and flatly denied its assertions.

“Incendiary claims.”

To be frank, I don’t even know exactly why they’re still investigating the contents of this dossier. Probably to save face somehow, to pretend like they weren’t completely duped. Certainly the public is no longer taking any of it seriously.

What actually needs to be investigated is the crime of feeding false information to a national intelligence agency, on purpose, in order to affect the outcome of an election. That seems like it would be pretty illegal.