Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Faces New Charges of Sodomizing a Boy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2017

Dennis Hastert was the Speaker of the House. One of the most powerful people in Washington.

A former high school gym teacher, he has a meteoric rise that no one seemed very interested in trying to understand.

As it turned out, he was a boy-lover. In hindsight, it is obvious to anyone with eyes that this was the reason for his rise. A known boy-lover is a man who will do whatever he is told to do.

But of course, no New York Times journalist has written a Pulitzer piece about how Hastert’s love for boys contributed to his otherwise unexplainable rise to power.

This is one of the main mechanisms on which our system runs: people who are easy to blackmail are given positions of power. It is an open secret that the media never touches. Even when these people’s dirty deeds are made public, it is never suggested that maybe their bad habits were connected to their success.

Chicago Tribune:

Less than three months before Dennis Hastert’s scheduled release from prison, a new accuser has come forward with allegations saying he was sodomized by Hastert decades ago, according to a lawsuit filed in Kendall County on Friday.

The lawsuit comes nearly two years after an explosive indictment into secret hush-money payments brought down Hastert, a local coaching legend who became one of the country’s most powerful politicians. Federal prosecutors said the former U.S. House speaker touched at least five male students when he was a Yorkville High School coach from 1965 to 1981.

The new accuser, referred to in the lawsuit as Illinois resident “Richard Doe,” is seeking $50,000 in damages from Hastert and Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 for charges including battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The accuser said that during the spring or summer of 1973 or 1974, he stopped by the Game Farm Building, now the Yorkville High School parking lot, to use the bathroom after riding his bike along Game Farm Road. He was 9 or 10 at the time, in fourth grade, the lawsuit alleges.

The accuser entered the bathroom and, while sitting on the toilet in a stall, heard a male voice mutter something outside the stall door, according to the lawsuit. The stall door opened, and he alleges he was sodomized.

When the assault was over, the attacker left. The accuser said he saw the man’s face, but didn’t recognize him.

Several weeks later, when the boy was in gym class at Yorkville Grade School, he saw a large man enter and walk diagonally across the gym toward the teacher. The boy recognized the man and, upon seeing him, began to shake and cry, according to the lawsuit.

The man spoke with the gym teacher and then approached the boy, taking him by the neck into the hallway, according to the lawsuit. The man dropped to his knees and asked the boy if he told anyone about the sexual assault. The boy, crying, said he hadn’t. The man warned the accuser against reporting the attack and threatened that since his father was the sheriff, he could put the boy’s parents in jail if he said anything.

The incident caused the accuser severe mental and emotional distress, which was only exacerbated by his fear of talking to someone about the attack, according to the lawsuit.

In 1984 or 1985, about a decade after the attack, the accuser visited the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office to report the crime. He was 20 or 21 at the time, according to the lawsuit. He spoke with a longtime friend and political mentor to Hastert.

Upon hearing the accuser’s story, a man there allegedly threatened to charge the accuser with a crime and accused him of slandering Hastert’s name, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit argues that the threats were intended to benefit Hastert, whose political career was just taking off.

As Hastert rose to political prominence, the accuser attempted to suppress memories of the assault. But when Hastert was indicted in 2015, and as news stories began to circulate about Hastert’s abuse of male students, the accuser realized he may have a claim against Hastert for his injuries, according to the lawsuit.

This isn’t getting any major media coverage.

And it won’t.

This sort of thing happens a lot, and they never cover it in depth, for the very reason that it naturally gets people asking questions about just what the hell is going on with our government.

This man became the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House after having been a gym coach.

Read his Wikipedia page.

He said he was considering applying for the job as principle of the school, but then for some reason decided to enter politics, even though he said he “knew nothing about politics.”

Physiognomy is real. I believe that if we really did study it, we would find that there is science there. But you aren’t allowed to study such things. Instead, we get the old wives’ tale of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

As you see in the above story, local people knew about his pattern of boy-rape. So this secret propelled him to power.

I believe that the overwhelming majority of powerful politicians who are not Jewish are some type of sex pervert.

I think this is almost certainly the case with both Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

Note the Jew behind them (Joe Lieberman), smiling on at his good little goyim. This photograph epitomizes the entire American political system.

There is probably a definitive record somewhere of McCain serving as a traitor during Vietnam as well.

The one person who I actually don’t think is a pervert is Paul Ryan. I think he is just a soulless loser who likes to be liked.

But it’s good to play “spot the pervert.”

We should be studying these people.

They are studying us.