Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa’s Facebook Blocked

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2019

It’s finally happening. Silicon Valley is showing it’s true colors. First, they came for the Nazis, then they came for the anti-Washington Latin American Left. Neo-Liberalism in action.


Facebook has apparently blocked the page of former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, which was used to share WikiLeaks material. The move also comes after he bashed his successor for allowing to arrest Julian Assange.

Correa took to Twitter on Thursday night to decry the block, which he called a “show of desperation” following the publication of the INA papers, a trove of documents leaked last month that show current President Lenin Moreno’s involvement in a corruption investigation. Correa had been publicizing the papers on his Facebook page, which had 1.5 million followers.

This is really unprecedented.

Correa is a lefty in the Latin American sense of the word, which means that he’s anti-American. He was the original president who decided to give Assange asylum. The next guy, Lenin, promised not to kick Assange out, but he pulled a Trump and did so anyway.

Probably because politicians in wheelchairs are not to be trusted.

But now the mask is coming off.

The US used to do its whole “democracy and civil rights” shtick, and while smarter people rolled their eyes and shook their heads, most people really did believe that America was a force for good in the world. People are seeing the beast for what it is. Only hardened, cackling shills can defend what happened to Assange and the behavior of the US over the last two decades (three if you count Kosovo, and I do).

Anyways, I bet that Glenn Greenwald is next.

The based Homo-Jew has been working himself up into a lather on Twitter over the Assange arrest.

He probably (reasonably) thinks that he might be in trouble and that his Jew Mafia and Gay Mafia protection might not be enough to keep him out of trouble. This is the guy who Edward Snowden contacted in Hong Kong to spill the beans to about mass US surveillance of its citizens, after all.

And I bet Glenn is in Brazil not only because his brown lover is there, but because he’s angling for the relatively easy-to-get Brazilian citizenship.

The interesting people Left on the Left like Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and a few others might find themselves censored. Shame. I used to read them back in the day. But it’s hard to feel bad for people whose sympathy never extended to us.

So I won’t.