Former Pfizer Scientist Speaks on the Insanity of Taking a Dangerous Vaccine for a Harmless Virus

James Delingpole’s most recent interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon is worth listening to.

Yeadon was a top scientist at Pfizer, and has been speaking out against this new coronavirus “vaccine,” which is not actually a vaccine.

According to social media posts, he was the top scientist of all Pfizer, and was replaced by this guy:

No but yes, the “fact checkers” are claiming that all his claims are false because he wasn’t really “the top scientist of all Pfizer,” as a Facebook post claimed. He was however the head scientist of a division of Pfizer.

This is what Snopes says in their “debunking”:

It seems to me that being the head scientist of a division of Pfizer means you know a thing or two about pharmacology, but according to Snopes, the only person who knows anything is the chief scientific officer of Pfizer. The question is: if the chief scientific officer of Pfizer is so smart, why does he put people in charge of his divisions that are conspiracy theory nutjobs?

Yeadon is not anti-vaccine in general, he just says it’s insane to have everyone take the vaccine for a disease that isn’t dangerous. He goes into how they’re doing a study on kids, even though kids don’t get sick from the virus, according to their own claims.

It’s actually deranged that they are doing this children’s testing, and coming out and saying it is necessary.

These people are complete lunatics. There is no way that you can know the long term effects of something you just invented, which is why the FDA refuses to approve the so-called “coronavirus vaccine.”

The children’s study only has 300 participants, and as Yeadon points out, that means if the fatality rate was 1/1000, the study has a good chance of not picking it up. And again – long term effects are just a total mystery, and will remain a mystery until we get to the “long term” phase of this vaccination process. There is not a single person on earth who knows what the five year effects of these vaccines will be.

There is also some commentary in the podcast on why they didn’t simply do a normal vaccine, with pieces of the dead virus (like the flu vaccine). Yeadon says what everyone else is saying – that the virus hasn’t actually been isolated. (My contention has been for a year now that “the virus” is just the flu renamed.)

He also speaks on the topic of “new variants,” and the fact that according to their own data, what they are identifying as a “new variant” has minuscule differences with the original virus. But again, the way that they identify any of these viruses, using PCR, is questionable.

They also discuss the total lunacy of the claim that you can have no symptoms but also spread the virus to other people. This was a completely new claim that no one had ever made about any other infectious disease, but it has somehow been totally accepted with regards to the coronavirus.

Ultimately, the basic fact of reality is that no one can argue that the virus is more dangerous than the vaccine. I would much rather get the virus than the vaccine, and in fact, I am not worried at all about getting the virus, as it is clear that as a healthy person I would not even get sick from it.

Yeadon seems normal enough. I’m sure you can find a bunch of nasty stuff written about him on the internet by the Jews.

But he is coming from the perspective of “none of this makes any sense in terms of public health, so they must have some other reason for doing it.”

He does not suggest what the “other reason” likely is, but says that it is some kind of control plan. He also says he thinks people who refuse the vaccine are going to be put in camps.

That might be a stretch – I don’t know. I was a little bit shocked when he came out with the “camps” bit. He’s so gentle with everything else – he even says that he recommends the vaccine to people who are in high risk groups. Then he drops “camps.”

Clearly, there is an agenda to make everyone on earth take this vaccine. But it seems to me that the people who refuse are likely to just get shut out of society, and starved into submission. Further, if they can arrest you and send you to a camp, they would also be able to just force you to take the vaccine.

Anyway, the goal right now should be getting as few people as possible to take the vaccine, because after they do take it, they are going to subconsciously want other people to take it so everyone is in their same sinking boat.

Most people haven’t taken it, and fewer and fewer people want to take it, which is at least part of the reason they are pushing this vaccine passport as a way to punish people who don’t want to take it by shutting them out of society. However, the old society is gone forever now, and people who do take the vaccine are only going to get very limited privileges.

Anyway, if we do get sent to a death camp, I hope it’s as nice as Auschwitz.

You’ll be able to find me hanging outside the medically inspected brothel, which is east of the swimming pool, in-between the soccer pitch and the fake shower room gas chamber.

I’ll be wearing my yellow AC/DC t-shirt.