Former Obama Official Endorses Austrian Policy of Pureblood Lockdown

They want to bring this to America.

I hope you understand that.

Fox News:

Arne Duncan, the former Obama administration official, took to Twitter Monday to praise Austria’s controversial decision to lock down unvaccinated citizens due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases, raising questions on whether a similar policy could be embraced by other countries.

The former head of the Education Department retweeted a report on Vienna’s nationwide lockdown for those who are unvaccinated who have not recently had the virus. The Associated Press called the move “the most drastic of a string of measures” by European countries to counter the fourth wave.

We’re going to see this sort of thing soon. Obviously.

The Biden has already said that he’s going to ban interstate travel for the unvaxed.

The disgusting Jew terrorist Zeke Emanuel – also a former Obama Administration official – has been shilling this policy recently.

California is already forcing a vax mandate for school children.

None of this is going to get any better.

Sometimes I feel like you people have heard me talk about this coming doom for so long that you’re numb to it. Obviously, I was ahead of the curve, and I told you people early on so you could make your moves. Now, we’re already in it, and things are about to get much worse very quickly.