Former Kushner Employee Calls Pardoning of Alleged Jew Stalker “Most Disturbing”

As soon as I saw the above headline and photo on Daily Beast, I knew the guy was Jewish. That face is unmistakably Jewish, for anyone who knows anything about Jewish faces.

When you click the article, it gives you a longer version of the headline.

It was only after I clicked that I saw the byline – showing that the article was written by disgruntled former Jared Kushner employee Elizabeth Spiers.


At first I thought this article was only 300 words, but now I’m thinking it’s behind a paywall? It’s really not at all clear at first or second glance, and I now believe that it is behind a paywall that was designed by a woman.

I’m obviously not going to pay these Jews $35 to read this garbage.

However, whatever she says in the article doesn’t really matter.

You can learn the whole deal on Wikipedia:

Kenneth Kurson (born October 23, 1968) is an American political consultant, journalist, and author who formerly served as Editor-in-Chief of The New York Observer. He previously served as executive vice-president of Jamestown Associates, a political consulting firm based in Princeton, New Jersey and Washington, DC. He was a Board member of the payments company Ripple Labs from February 2017 until October 2020, when he was charged with interstate cyberstalking and related offenses.

In May, 2018, Kurson revealed he was under consideration to join the Trump administration, which he described as an “honorary type position.” Kurson said that he withdrew from consideration in June 2018 due to too much paperwork. In undergoing a FBI background check, it was revealed that a female Mount Sinai Hospital physician had alleged in 2015 that Kurson harassed her. Mount Sinai hospital was so concerned about the harassment at the time that it hired someone to protect the doctor for a few days. On October 23, 2020, federal authorities unsealed a criminal complaint against Kurson related to these alleged activities, charging him with interstate cyber stalking and harassment. According to the federal prosecutors, Kurson used aliases to post a flood of negative Yelp reviews about the physician, sent her threatening emails, harassed her with anonymous calls and delivered messages to other Mount Sinai employees claiming the physician was having an affair with her boss. Kurson was granted a full pardon by President Trump for these offenses on January 20, 2021, the last day of the Trump presidency.

Please, don’t bother saying “SO NO ASSANGE BUT THIS GUY GETS A PARDON???” Everyone gets it, and there isn’t any point in attacking Trump at this point in history – he’s already gone.

Frankly, what the guy did sounds similar to what Assange did in that it was protected speech – you’re allowed to make a flood of Yelp reviews and lie about people on the internet.

Who knows – maybe he would have been convicted of some crime. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Jew Jared Kushner gave goy Donald Trump a paper to sign and pardon the Jew Kenneth Kurson, and the Jew media is reporting on it as if it is “shady behavior by white people.”

To be clear, Spiers claims not to be Jewish.

That either means that she’s “not a practicing Jew,” or “not a Jew by Jew law because only my dad is Jewish,” or that she is literally not Jewish.

It’s notable that she looks Jewish, and her plan was to become a Wall Street banker (???) before she noticed that the blog industry was booming, and founded Gawker with the Hungarian Jew Nick Denton. She is allowed to directly criticize a Jew in the media. Further, The Forward reported on her as if she was Jewish (they didn’t say she was Jewish, but they reported on her as if she was Jewish, though they might have simply assumed it, like I did, from her profile).

In defense of her claim that she isn’t Jewish: she’s from Alabama, and seems to have been totally ripped off of the money from Gawker by the Jew Denton (it is possible for a Jew to rip off other Jews, but they usually get excised from the community and fed to the dogs, unless it is dealt with by the rabbis).

It ultimately doesn’t really matter if she is Jewish, because a white woman let loose on the world behaves no differently from a Jew, save that her destructive instinct is somewhat more senseless.

Whether she is a Jew or not, she is woman wholly tapped into the Jewish system. She is an agent of Jews, totally surrounded by Jews, living her life in New York City as a de facto Jew. Daily Beast, of course, is a totally Jewish publication, run by Brookings Institution hypersonic-Jew Noah Shachtman.

Furthermore, understand: Spiers was literally hired by Jared Kushner, personally, to run the New York Observer, and was fired by him after a year and a half of failing to increase its reach. She went around writing about him and his dastardly ways throughout the Trump presidency years.

This is the thing: Jews will publish stories about other Jews and pretend that they’re “white, heterosexual males.” They literally use their own behavior to libel white men, which is a crime so bold, it is actually fantastical.

Throughout the Harvey Weinstein period, Weinstein was repeatedly referred to as “a powerful white male.” As a random example, one Alyssa Rosenberg – a Jewish journalist – wrote in the Washington Post about “why so many powerful older white men still seem to think it’s OK to behave like utter pigs” in relation to him. This despite the fact that Jews don’t identify as white, and Weinstein was a proud, aggressive Jew, who drastically supported the Israeli lobbying organization the Anti-Defamation League.

This sort of behavior also gives the appearance, to anyone who recognizes what is going on, that Jews are somehow not a totally unified group. With Weinstein, it was clearly true that Judaism, collectively, had thrown him to the wolves, presumably because he’d really screwed over some other Jews (as mentioned above, this can and does happen). However, excising and Judas goating a member of the group does not mean that the group stops existing.

So what about with this Kurson guy? Well. He was pardoned by the President of the United States for talking shit about some bitch on the internet. What does he care about this Daily Beast article? He probably paid the $35 just to jack off to the idea of his lurid cyber-war being publicly exposed in detail to the world. He got off clean – in more ways than one (I just want to make sure I’m driving home the fact that Jews are sexually depraved and into exhibitionism).

Meanwhile, whites are at best defamed, and at worst made to think that the Jew media can be trusted to “expose” other Jews when they are engaged in perverse and anti-social activities. In actual fact, the Jew media will only print the anti-social activities of other Jews if the Jew in question is out of danger and they can implicate whites.

This behavior is equivalent to robbing a man’s house, then convincing the man that he robbed his own house, as you flaunt the stolen items, and then sleeping with the man’s wife, in his own bed, after seducing her with lurid tales of how her husband robbed himself.