Former Iranian Ambassador is the First High-Profile Coronavirus Death!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2020

First high profile Coronavirus death!

More to come!

Everyone is going to die from this virus!


Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican, prominent cleric Hadi Khosrowshahi, has died of coronavirus after being treated in hospital, according to state media. He is the highest-profile casualty of the epidemic so far.

Khoswrowshahi, 81, died in hospital on Thursday, bringing the country’s death toll up to 26. There are 245 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Iran, including a handful of government officials. The deputy health minister, vice president for women and family affairs, and head of Iran’s parliamentary security and foreign relations commission have all tested positive for the virus. At least 24 Iranians have recovered from the disease following treatment, state media report.

Kinda weird that the enemies of the US are the ones suffering most from this, huh?

Sure is lucky for the Jews. Jews are always so very, very lucky.

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