Former German Spy Chief Says Angela Merkel’s Immigration Policies are “Fatal,” Germany in Decline

Hans-Georg Maassen

This is pure sexism.

Women are better than men, and their policies will therefore always lead to better outcomes.

Looking at the details of the outcome and objectively measuring them is pure patriarchy.

Daily Mail:

Angela Merkel’s immigration policies are ‘fatal’ and Germany is ‘declining politically and economically’, the former head of the country’s spy agency has warned.

Hans-Georg Maassen, who ran the Office for the Protection of the Constitution until 2018, slammed the Chancellor’s border controls.

The 58-year-old blasted Ms Merkel’s decision to let in around 1.2million migrants in 2015.

Mr Maassen ran the country’s version of MI5 for six years before being forced out in 2018.

He had publicly contradicting the Chancellor’s claims foreigners had been ‘hunted’ in the city of Chemnitz during civil unrest in the area.

Yeah that was a George Floyd murder tier statement.

Or like that Mizzou thing.

His comments caused a huge scandal and rocked Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

And he caused further fury in his departure speech, with a copy of it being leaked to the public in early November 2018.

He presented himself as a victim to the conspiracy of ‘radical left-wing’ forces in the German government and was forced into early retirement.

But the former spy, who is running as an MP for the CDU in Thuringia, has launched another bitter attack on his boss.

Mr Maassen told the Times: ‘The CDU has clearly taken a lot of damage over the past 20 years.

‘It’s become a club for electing the chancellor under the slogan ‘We want Merkel re-elected’, but the actual political and programmatic substance is gone.’

He admitted Ms Merkel was a ‘strong-willed woman and a top political performer’ and praised her role in the eurozone debt crisis.

But he said: ‘I just think it’s a shame that we are falling far below our potential in Germany,’ he said.

I have the impression that many people have made their peace with the fact that we are declining ever further politically and economically.’

And he added: ‘[Germans] simply cannot understand why ever more people are coming into this country even though they obviously have no right to asylum; why we aren’t deporting them and why politicians just put up with the fact that the people here are falling victim to these migrants.’


I’m sure a lot of Germans are indeed confused.

And they can’t say anything because eight decades ago a man with a mustache turned the six million into lampshades.

We’re all declining.

In fact, we are completely doomed.

It’s sad.

But hopefully everyone who took the vaxx dies.

We can fix all of this if all the vaxxed just die.