Former College Coach Details How Negro Athletes’ Grades are Hoaxed

Daily Stormer
January 1, 2015

It's like a new holocaust.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an essay entitled “Confessions of a Fixer” wherein a former college basketball coach explains how he worked as a hoaxer, helping Negro athletes to cheat their way through college.

Among his files is a pink steno pad of names, covering the front and back of 80 pages, that includes some of the biggest stars in college sports. Next to the names are credit-card numbers and PINs, log-ins, passwords, Social Security numbers, and addresses.

The handwritten notes, by a onetime academic adviser and college-basketball coach, are part of an elaborate scheme. Over the past 14 years, he says, he has used test keys to cheat for hundreds of athletes, helping them meet the eligibility requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

For some players, he says, he did their work outright. For others, he provided homework answers and papers that the students would submit themselves. At exam time, he lined up proctors and conspired with them to lie on behalf of students.

Many times, he says, the players’ coaches directed athletes his way. Sometimes, players’ parents or handlers arranged the details.

He did most of his work in college basketball, but he has also helped football players, baseball players, and golfers, among others. The vast majority of his clients never made it big. But, according to records he shared with The Chronicle, his fraud reached the highest levels. A handful of the players listed in his notes were drafted to play in the NBA. At least two are the children of former professional athletes. One is a back-up catcher in Major League Baseball.

The article makes out as though this is some horrible breach of morality, as these Negroes allegedly “deserve an education.”  The reality is that the only reason they are in college is because of various licensing deals with Nike and other sponsors that make it profitable to require athletes to play on a college team before joining professional leagues.  It is stupid that they are required to actually go to White people classes, and makes a mockery of both the White students and the Blacks themselves.

However, what is much worse than the Black athletes cheating is the Blacks who enroll in these classes and don’t cheat.  These Blacks are just as incapable as the hoaxing athletes, but it would be “racist” for the professors to fail all of the coloreds in their classes.  They are thus then required to drop the quality of the education for all of the students in order to cater to the retard-level IQs of the Negro students.

This is why there traditionally existed Black colleges: because Black people are no more capable to compete with us in academic endeavors than we are to compete with them in basketball.

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