Former Cam Girl Who Earned $40,000 Per Week Says Sex Work Empowers Women

Andrew Anglin and Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2020

Imagine showing your great grandfather this photo and telling him she gets paid $40,000 a week to masturbate into a camera. We are living in a Roger Rabbit type situation, where the real world has crossed over into a cartoon world, but the cartoon people are all taken extremely seriously by the real people.

While prostitution is an honest and heroic career path for a woman where an exchange happens and men receive something tangible by paying, being a “cam girl” is the exact opposite.

Whereas a prostitute provides a dirty but often necessary sexual engagement, women producing pornographic content are not giving anything to men in return for their money, other than psychological damage.

Porn is poison for the mind.

It should be noted that porn is not only easier work for women, they also make a lot more money than legit hookers.

Daily Mail:

A former cam girl revealed how parents can be to blame for their children going into sex work.

Bella French, 38, from Montreal, Canada, spent years performing sex acts on camera and earned her up to $40,000-a-week at its peak.

Speaking about her experience to FEMAIL, Bella, who has now launched her own adult content platform, explained sex workers enter the industry for a variety of reasons, including some who feel trapped by their parents’ expectations.

She said: ‘We’ve met models that starting at the age of 16 and were dreaming of becoming cam girls and it’s something that is more and more out there, because of social media.

‘There are young people who see they’re good at connecting with people through social media, being a little sexy to get a like and when they realise, “You know what, I could make a living”.

‘There’s a lot of younger generations of girls and boys that are going to start doing web camming and I’ve met women who are single mothers, they lost their jobs and being a cam girl has really helped them.

‘You have some people who do it to pay their bills, some people do it because they’re passionate some people feel forced by their families.’

She explained that some families actually push their children towards sex work, by putting so much pressure on them to embark on other careers.

Bella explained: ‘There’s parents out there who tell their family, “you have to be a doctor” or “you have to be a lawyer”. Then they do that, because they feel they have no choice. I just want people to know the adult space is like every other industry.’

Bella’s business venture, ManyVids, aims to empower the cam girls by giving them greater protection and agency over the content they are producing.

She explained: ‘We have a lot of ways to protect other women. We want to make them feel it’s okay to be a sex worker, you shouldn’t feel oppressed.

‘We have big customer protection, we take away negative comments, we let our content creators make their views known, we make sure everyone on the platform is of age – they need a government ID – and, if they [the performer] decide to leave the industry we remove all the content on the platform.’

This is the diametric opposite of “being oppressed.”

These women are sexually exploiting men in the most basely oppressive way imaginable.

Obviously, any man can watch pornography for free, so why would they be sending huge amounts of money to a specific woman?

Basically, instead of having a wife and feeding her, men can’t get a wife because women are blocking supply, so they take out their instinct to provide for a woman who is pleasuring them sexually by PayPaling money to a cam whore. The masturbation is a simulation of you having sex with her, and the natural instinct when that happens, and when she talks sweet to you after, is to bring her money. Because sex is associated with reproduction in the human mind, so the male feels an urge to provide.

This is not exclusive to humans, by the way, as you may be interested to know.


A nuptial gift is a nutritional gift given by one partner in some animals’ sexual reproduction practices.

Formally, a nuptial gift is a material presentation to a recipient by a donor during or in relation to sexual intercourse that is not simply gametes in order to improve the reproductive fitness of the donor. Often, such a gift will improve the fitness of the recipient as well. This definition implies neutral gifts, costly gifts and beneficial gifts regarding the fitness of the recipient.

Nuptial gifting is at the intersection of sexual selection, nutritional ecology and life history theory, creating a link between the three.

The psychology of this cam girl situation is among the more deranged things that is happening in society that goes without being noted. It is actual bio-hacking. It is the most pure form of sexual exploitation that has ever existed, and the scale of it is staggering.

On a long enough timeline, all women will be doing this. There is literally no reason for any woman to not be a cam girl. Women do not have morality – at least not without believing there’s a man in the sky watching everything they do and judging them – so there is nothing stopping it other than the small bits of shame that still remain, and those will be gone soon enough thanks to the diligent work of our friends the Jews.

They’re already doing all kinds of degenerate sexual acts for free, so they might as well turn the camera on and start receiving money for it.

Unless the government bans pornography, more and more men will be sexually exploited by these greedy whores.

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