Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd Attacks Tucker Carlson, Defends Brutal Sadism of the Science

Kevin Rudd is a champion of the science and its plan to crush the Australian people

Australian pundit and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd attacked Tucker Carlson this week after the latter pointed out that Australia has devolved into a bizarre dystopian police state.

Rudd argued that no one should be allowed to talk about the state of the police state in Australia, including Americans, because of science.


Rudd believes in the science, and supports whatever the science chooses to do.

His attacks on Tucker came after he’d used his show to question what the science is doing to Australia.

So, let’s check in on what exactly the science is doing to Australia, and ask ourselves if this is the future we want for ourselves.

People are locked in their houses by the science and if they try to go outside, science police run them down on horseback.

Those are science horses, and the clubs the cops are using are charged with science. They are trying to beat the science into people.

The soldiers of science are unstoppable. A total street army that will crush anyone who tries to go outside.

The science has no remorse, and no emotion. This shows through in the Science Force, which behaves with total sadism. Watch a science enforcer choke a young woman.

But the people are continuing to do their best to stand against the sheer brutality of the science.


The science invented an app where the government can contact you and give you five minutes to respond before they rush you.


Unfortunately, while it’s very good at brutality and sadism, the science has hit a bit of a snag in the health sector, as the overwhelming majority of people in Australia who are hospitalized and dying under the pretense of “the coronavirus” are vaccinated, according to government health officials.

It was announced this week by an Oz official that 6 out of 7 recent deaths from the supposed virus were from those who were vaccinated.

The science is no doubt going to take action to cover up these deaths and statistics. Facts and statistics are the one thing that the science fears most.

With many people not wanting the dangerous vaccine, which so vastly increases the chances of death, the science has taken drastic measures to force the population to submit to the deadly science injection.

Meanwhile, the science is claiming that it’s trying to come up with a way to prevent so many people from dying from its vaccine.

The science has been extremely successful in destroying independent businesses in Australia, which I think was one of its main goals.


Billie Eilish apparently believes the science is going to let up soon, because she’s planned a 2022 tour of Australia and New Zealand.

She has to trust both that the science will loosen its grip on these countries, and that the science won’t kill her with vaccines before she gets there.

It was nice to see Americans protesting in support of freedom for Australia.

This is a global attack by science on the people of the world, and the least we can do is stand up for our brothers and sisters in the Anglosphere.

Australians are unable to protest, because they will get brutally beaten by the science.

Poland is also standing with Australia, against this attack by science.

Australia is an example of what the science will do if you give it free rein over your country. There is no depths that the science will not sink to as it seeks to destroy you and everything you hold dear.

The science is totally out of control at this point, and it is intent on stripping us of our most basic humanity. The science is trying to kill us all.

It’s time for the people of the world to take a stand against the science, in support of logic, rationality, facts, data, evidence, and basic common sense.

The science is more evil than any challenge the human species has ever faced, and we now have all of our leaders swearing allegiance to it and its stated agenda to oppress and destroy all of us.