Former Australian Leader Visits Taiwan to Promote War with China

Australia is the most brutal virus country in the world. Taiwan is not much better.

So, if Australia and Taiwan succeed in taking over China, it is simply a matter of fact that the people will have much less freedom than they do now, as they will be forced under brutal virus measures.

Of course, the claims by Washington is that after they take over China, there will be more gay sex. But even if you accept that “freedom” is more or less a synonym for “sodomy” – you can’t have gay sex if you’re locked in your house.

It is no longer viable for these countries that want war with China to claim they’re trying to bring them freedom.


Chinese state media has warned Canberra to stay out of its internal affairs as Australia’s former prime minister rallied behind Taiwan during a visit to the island, which Beijing deems an inherent part of China.

Tony Abbott, who headed the Australian government between 2013 and 2015, delivered a speech at a conference in Taipei on Friday, urging the international community to show “solidarity” with the island. Beijing considers Taiwan to be a part of its territory under its ‘One China’ policy and does not recognize its autonomy.

The former prime minister warned that any “any attempt at coercion would have incalculable consequences” for China. He went as far as to suggest that both Washington and Canberra would likely help Taiwan if a conflict escalates with the Chinese forces. “I don’t believe America could stand by and watch [Taiwan] swallowed up,” he said. “I don’t believe Australia would be indifferent to the fate of a fellow democracy of almost 25 million people.”

The visit was unofficial, with Abbott currently not occupying any roles in the government, but it didn’t go unnoticed in Beijing, which responded through its official English language paper, The Global Times.

In a fiery opinion piece published by the outlet earlier this week, the president of the Chinese Association of Australian Studies, Chen Hong, described the Australian political veteran’s arrival in Taipei as just one of many recent “acts of recklessness from Canberra” toward China.

Chen’s piece offered fresh criticism of Chinese military drills near Taiwan by the Australian government, which labeled them as “incursions,” and a September statement by the country’s Defense Minister Peter Dutton, who didn’t rule out a military confrontation with China in case of a war between Washington and Beijing. The Chinese authorities were also concerned with the Australian media providing a platform for Taiwanese pro-independent politicians to promote their agenda.

“On the Taiwan question, Australia has been playing the role of a daring vanguard for the US, helping Washington test the regional waters to gauge China’s tolerance and test its responses.”

The author especially singled out the AUKUS pact, signed between the US, UK and Australia last month with the goal of arming Canberra with state-of-the-art nuclear powered submarines. Australia “will become another chess piece in Washington’s anti-China strategy” after the subs are built in a decade or so, he wrote.

Australia has literally promoted mass immigration from China and other Asian countries, and sold much of its infrastructure to China.

But they’re claiming that China is “aggressive,” as if they want war with Australia.

But even if you grant the premise that China wants to take over Australia – why would they want a war, when Australia is up for sale? The Chinese are not running out of money any time soon.

This is all totally unserious and stupid.

But I can deal with leftists pushing for war with China. Because of course they would do that.

What I can’t deal with is these right-wingers continuing to talk about China.

Who benefits from any of this?