Former Ambassador to Germany Gets in Twitter Fight with America First Over X-Treme Anal

Richard Grenell is a man who rams his penis into other men’s anuses, and uses the rectum to masturbate to ejaculation. He then expels his semen into the bowels of the victim, causing the semen to mix with the feces. That’s his personal identity, and he’s very proud of it. He is called “gay,” because expelling semen into feces brings him great joy. This is not only totally normal, it is fantastic, and we need more people like him in the GOP if we want it to become stronger.

Richard Grenell is a gay liberal that supported Donald Trump, and was thus given a role as Ambassador to Germany and then as acting Director of National Intelligence.

Gays often act like Jews in that they weasel their way into everything, then use positions of power to promote other gays. That is to say, they are a cult, and use the same cult tactics as Jews.

Trump had a lot of good points, and he really did change America by bringing in populism and making politics an us v. them affair. He also spurred a white racial consciousness. You’ve got to give him some credit, despite the sorry way it ended.

At the same time, he was by nature an urbanite, and his basic orientation was “late 1980s Democrat with an ultra-bombastic personality.” So, he allowed his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to bring in people like Grenell, and didn’t really push back much against the gay agenda generally.

Furthermore, gays are “naturally conservative” in a lot more ways than Mexicans – they’re pro-gun, they’re wealthy so they want low taxes, they tend to be race conscious.

Now that the Trump presidency has officially ended, Grenell is taking the position of “the guy who brings gays into the GOP.”  He basically wants to become the Dinesh D’Souza of anal, arguing that Dems are the real homophobes.

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This led to interesting results, with Grenell getting in a fight with people from Nick Fuentes’ America First movement, which argues that the conservative movement should be explicitly Christian, and thus reject (at least uncloseted) homosexuality.

It began when Grenell reposted a post from a transsexual who attended CPAC.

Lauren Witzke, who is aligned with America First, responded, asking if Grenell was celebrating the mental illness of transsexualism. Grenell said he was just being respectful (kind of a cuck out to start a feud on, frankly).

Witzke explained accurately that transsexualism is demonic, and offered that Grenell is being paid to promote anal in the GOP. She also asked how far it was going to go.

Grenell then made it about gays generally (which we must admit, are not as extreme as trannies), and Witzke said she doesn’t want them involved either, noting that it’s a pointless exercise to try to appeal to gays, since they are a small group who won’t support the GOP anyway.

Grenell, for some reason, asked for a clarification.

Witzke explained that there was no need for a clarification of the statement “the answer is no.”

Grenell then explained that he didn’t need a clarification anyway, and said “no gays allowed in the GOP” was what she had said.

Then, Nick Fuentes entered into the conversation, saying that this isn’t what Witzke was saying, that he’d twisted the words (that is to say: there is a difference between the GOP refusing to do open outreach to gays, and doing a witch hunt to try to root out gays who are closeted or otherwise quiet about their anal activities).

Nick added that Grenell was attempting to cancel Witzke, which is a typical gay mafia tactic (again, very similar to Jews in their group behavior).

Fuentes then noted that Grenell was retweeting his tweets in order to try to get this public drama intensified for his own purposes.

Grenell then responded to Nick, claiming that he was not trying to cancel anyone, and that he didn’t even bring up gays (???).

His escalation worked, and Bethany Mandel (wife of a Jew “conservative”) jumped in to try to make it about the Jews (because everything is about the Jews).

Will Chamberlain, who is also a homosexual conservative, and an avid lover of the Jews, is also now involved in this drama, because he is always looking for anywhere to draw lines against America First.

He attacked Witzke over her redemption story about how God saved her from drug addiction (which is a really nasty point of attack that only actually a homosexual or a Jew would think is appropriate, especially given that so many Christians have redemption stories, and these stories are so regularly celebrated in the Bible itself).

Witzke pointed out the bizarre nature of attacking someone over their Christian redemption story, and also noted (quite poignantly) the fact that drug addiction isn’t exactly rare in the United States.

Everyone’s favorite culture vulture and chronicler of our age Ethan Ralph is now offering to host a debate between two of these people.

That’s where we are at time of writing.

It will probably escalate somewhere, although it’s likely that Grenell is going to be told by his PR people to dip out, and I don’t think Chamberlain is going to debate anyone on whether or not Christianity is compatible with man-on-man anal at all, let alone tranny-on-man anal.