Forest Wizard Discusses Ferro Rod Meme

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

There has been some discussion in my previous threads in this Survival and Outdoors series – specifically regarding tools and fire – on ferro rods.

Many people keep perpetuating the ferro rod as an instant fire starter meme, this can cause some major problems.

This is not to say the tool is useless, however I have intentionally refrained from recommending ferro rods as a tool as this series is mostly for people who are just starting any kind of outdoor activity and survival training. Ferro rods are much more difficult to use than a lighter or matches, and as a result need much more practice. I know this from experience, about a year or two ago I bought myself a ferro rod and could not get a light in the middle of summer. Luckily, I wasn’t camping in the middle of nowhere and I was just practicing to learn better campfire safety in my back fields.

I would hope that any aspiring FOREST WIZARD would discover ferro rods on their own, and practice with it before relying on it as their primary firemaking method.

Note: At about 12:40 in the video the pine he was referring to could be White Pines. White Pine produces a thick white sap when the tree is damaged which hardens into a thick resin to seal off injuries. This sap is edible, it makes good tea and has some medicinal purposes, as well as being flammable. You may want to melt it down in a pot and filter out any debris or impurities before eating it, however.

How useful is a ferro rod really? Is a ferro rod worth having? One of the key points of this video is to show the necessity of practicing with your ferro rod or fire steel. Learn why it is so important to spend the time to learn your environment and the useful natural fire making tinders available to you. Turn the ferro rod from an interesting gimmick into a potential life saving device.