Forest Hermit Living ZOG-free in Hobbit Home

Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017

I find this sort of thing fascinating.

The Jews have convinced us that the only way to survive is to pay a 300 thousand dollar mortgage while working 60 hours a week in some meaningless office job. This perpetual rat-race takes up so much time and mental energy that most men can’t catch their breath long enough to figure out how badly they’re getting kiked.

This guy is building his homes for pocket change and lives on 5000$ a year.

And sure, you don’t necessarily want to live in a rabbit hole like he does, but it goes to show how far you can cut useless expenses and free yourself from ZOG’s deathgrip.

Gold, which is to say, luxury, has always been the Jew’s first weapon to corrupt the soul of the European man. Those who are prepared to forego some of their comforts and luxuries will be immunized against most of the Jew’s evil powers.