Foreign Minister Says Germany Will Take 70,000 Afghan Refugees

Even if you actually believe these people, why would it be Germany’s problem?

Breitbart has always been good on immigration, even as they are promoting all of these various other Jewish agendas.

For whatever reason, the conservative media and politicians decided to claim that one of the problems with the Afghan surrender was that Joe Biden didn’t bring in enough refugees. Brietbart went along with that, as they go along with every narrative.

But now they’re also saying that this is bad.


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has promised to take in at least 70,000 vulnerable people from Afghanistan, including human rights activists and journalists.

Foreign Minister Maas has announced that 70,000 people would be eligible for aid during a visit to Turkey, saying that Germany would not abandon those who could not make it onto flights at the airport in Kabul.

“We want to continue the aid campaign, but it is now entering a second phase,” Mr Maas saidDer Spiegel reports.

When Germans elect their politicians, they’re not electing their best

According to the German magazine, around 10,000 Afghan nationals who worked with the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, are eligible for protection along with 1,600 humanitarian activists and journalists. The remaining people eligible are close family members.

Maas said that Germany is interested in two methods for getting people out of Afghanistan. First, to repair damages at Kabul airport and allow civilian flights to resume. Secondly, negotiate with countries around Afghanistan to allow Germany to fly vulnerable people from countries like Uzbekistan or Pakistan.

Over the course of the evacuation operations from Kabul, the German Luftwaffe were able to evacuate around 5,000 people.

Not only do all those eligible have family members, but their family members also have family members that the Taliban also want to kill for no clear reason.

So 70K is, at best, the minimal estimation.