Foreign Invaders in German Prison Zoos Costing Germans at Least 380 Million Euros Per Year

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

Who is going to rape and kill these sluts, if not those poor Syrian refugee children?

Germany’s booming industry of rapes and murders is offering unprecedented quality of life to average Germans, who just don’t have time to rape and murder sluts themselves. This is just another case of Africans fleeing the brutal gas baby attacks in Syria, doing the jobs that average European retirees don’t want to do.

This public service comes at no expense to the taxpayer, since prosecutors almost always tell the Police to just let them go. It’s become normal to see 30-year-old Turkish adolescent refugees from Boko Haram dealing drugs in broad daylight on the streets of Weimar Berlin 2.0, which also helps the racist, unvibrant Germans to forget about the state of their country.

Another migrant success story.

Die Welt:

The number of foreign inmates has increased further. According to the federal statistics agency as of March 31 of this year 16.267 foreigners have been inmates in German prisons. This is a five percent increase to the previous year. By now almost a thrid of the prison population is foreign. In relation to the percentage of foreigners it is disproportionally high: 10,6 million foreigners are living in Germany, which results in a quota of twelve percent.

Aliens committing crime at disproportionately high rates? I have literally never heard of that before. This is both shocking and new, and clearly something that could not have been predicted by anyone, anywhere.

This can only be the result of centuries of German enslavement, segregation and microaggressions against African Americans.

The number of German inmates sunk significantly from 36.121 last year to 34.690 at the end of March this year.

The statistic lists prisoners who have German and foreign citizenship as German.

How many of those “Germans” are actually “passport Germans,” as we like to call them? Let’s try to find out. The same agency published their findings on “people with a migration background” last year, saying that 18.6M “people” with a migration background are living in Germany, which totals a whooping 22.5% of the population.

Let’s have a look at countries of origin here.

2.8M Turkroaches, 2.1M Polacks, 1.4M Tovarishs, 1.2M Kasacs, and so on. In 2017, Die Welt reported 2.3M people having a background in the Near and Middle East, a 51% increase from 2011, and 740.000 Africans, a 46% increase from 2011. Since there are already 2.7M Turkroaches we can deduce with certainty that they need to be added to the 2.3M sand-negers from various backgrounds, which means we have roughly 5.75M hajis and dindus of all types running around here.

Not that bad, not bad at all. We can handle about 6 million.

Let’s take a look at the actual statistics provided by the agency. Out of those 16,267 foreign prisoners, 10,335 are from Europe, 1,143 from Romania2,366 from Turkey (LOL). Additionally, 2,888 from Africa, 215 from the Americas (37 US), 2550 from Asia.

I’ll just come right out and say that those 37 Burgers are Niggers.

Turkey is apparently in Europe. “Siri, what is the Bosporus?”

All those Romanians are gypsies.

The picture that can be drawn from this is that White non-Germans are underrepresented, while the subhuman variety of non-Germans in prison is disproportionately high.

If we assume that only 50% of the “foreigners” are nonwhite, this equals 8000 inmates. The cost per inmate per day is roughly 130€. That’s an average. Nothing about those heavily pigmented cell accumulations is average, though.

8,000*130*365,25 = 379,860,000€ per year to maintain these government zoos.

By comparison, 8,000 rounds of 9mm are only $1,152.

We have absolutely no idea how many of those 34,690 “German” prisoners are ethnically German, because the Weimar statistics bureaus won’t tell us. We can safely assume that the real cost imposed on the German people by nonwhite criminals is much higher, taking into account the German life, blood and labor lost to their parasitism and depredation.